Hey WWE, It’s Time For Roman Reigns to Make a Heel Turn

June 24, 2016 - WWE

When a news forsaken Tuesday that WWE star Roman Reigns had been dangling for 30 days, it capped a furious 48-hour duration for a company, though also supposing Vince McMahon and his group of writers with an eventuality to finally lift a trigger on a pierce they should have finished months ago.

Reigns was dangling for violating a WWE’s Talent Wellness Policy, which tests for a prolonged list of substances. Reports immediately began to disseminate that a WWE knew about a defilement prior to Sunday night’s Money In The Bank event. Reigns mislaid a pretension that night to a returning Seth Rollins, who in spin mislaid it to Dean Ambrose a few mins later. The following night a compare many insincere would be saved for WrestleMania (or maybe maybe SummerSlam) was requisitioned for a slightly-less-notable Battleground special event: Reigns vs. Rollins vs. Ambrose, a 3 former Shield members duking it out for a title.

The fact that Reigns was means to dump a pretension before portion his cessation isn’t a surprise, as it’s been a customary for a while. Here’s what Stephanie McMahon pronounced in a 2007 interview with a U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, that was questioning steroid abuse and bootleg drugs in pro wrestling during a time:

“So we find out that a talent is suspended. And that talent will possibly be dangling right that day, or if they are a champion, say, and we have to get a pretension off of them, we have to wait until a subsequent TV, that is routinely only a few days. It is never some-more than a week to get that pretension off of that person.”

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What is a small peculiar is a fact that Reigns was immediately requisitioned for another pretension match, that conveniently takes place a few days after his cessation ends. On SmackDown Thursday night there was no denote that he was going to be private from a match, definition that Rollins and Ambrose will have to do a complicated lifting of building to a compare on their own, a charge that they are some-more than able of completing.

There’s also a fashion for wrestlers bouncing behind following suspensions underneath this policy. Randy Orton has been strike with dual wellness violations — with his initial strike entrance in 2006 and a second in 2012 — and he went on to win universe titles and pretension a categorical eventuality at WrestleMania after any instance. Jeff Hardy was dangling in 2008 for 60 days though was behind on a categorical eventuality stage on his return, winning a WWE pretension twice a following year. 

Considering a investment put into Reigns so far, it seems expected that he’ll be given a same possibility during redemption. They’ve finished zero though foster him as their star of stars for a final dual years, and are barreling towards a code split that will boost a need for large names. But if they wish this to work, a WWE has to radically reposition Reigns — that means abandoning a thought of him as a good-guy fan favorite. 

The crowd, that has mostly booed Reigns given Jan 2015, has left totally chief opposite him. Monday night brought “You can’t wrestle” chants notwithstanding a fact he had competed in 3 consecutive, really beguiling pay-per-view categorical events. 

Reigns’s month-long deficiency will likely not make a crowd’s heart grow any fonder — and “Where is Roman?” is substantially one of a nicer choruses he’ll hear.

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All of this means that a cessation has given a WWE a ideal eventuality to do what they could (and should) have finished during a dozen opposite points given a boos initial reigned in Philadelphia 15 months ago: Complete a heel spin and welcome Roman Reigns as a bad guy. Quit sanctimonious he’s some kind of friendly loser and have him cut lax as a dominating, arrogant, heartless monster. They can use whatever process they like — only violence a ruin out of his aged crony Ambrose should do a pretence — though it’s high time for this man to go dim side. Let that run a course, and a throng will eventually, probably, commotion for him to spin ‘face in 12-to-18 months.

There’s a fashion for this in Reigns’ possess family, as his cousin Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson primarily unsuccessful to find traction as a babyface, so he incited heel and eventually became one of a biggest stars in a story of pro wrestling —and later, an general film star.

In a meantime, a WWE will have no necessity of heroes for a fans to support. The throng adores Ambrose. They will happily adore Rollins if a WWE wants to go that direction, generally after a extensive documentary about his quip from injury. John Cena is back, and some people — generally younger fans — like him. You have Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Enzo, Cass, a New Day and intensity call-ups from NXT (Shinsuke Nakamura), earnings from damage (Randy Orton, Neville) or ‘face turns (Bray Wyatt, Rusev) to serve fill out that side of a ledger. Despite what Vince McMahon’s instincts have been revelation him for a prolonged while, his association doesn’t need a babyface Reigns to thrive. Let him kick Brock Lesnar or win a pretension or whatever Vince needs to occur during SummerSlam, though let him do it wearing a black shawl and with no apparition that a throng is behind him.

The 30-day cessation will expected be only a teenager speed strike in a career of Reigns, though if a WWE takes this eventuality to welcome a hatred of a crowd, it could be a blessing in disguise.

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