How Paige’s WWE Career Can Be Resurrected After Return from Neck Injury

May 27, 2017 - WWE

Paige channeling her center Mick Foley.Credit:

Paige hasn’t been seen on WWE radio given a breeze on Jul 19 final year, and new events seem to prove she competence not lapse to a association once her agreement expires.

The 24-year aged wrestler has been by many ups and down over a past year, though there is still wish she can spin things around and make a jubilant comeback.

She has fought by dual wellness process suspensions, a liaison involving leaked photos and videos and a serious neck injury.

Some competence consider the WWE wouldn’t wish to understanding with these issues, though if story tells us anything, it’s Vince McMahon is always peaceful to pardon transgressions if it’s best for business.

Her problems competence have happened in a brief volume of time, though it’s zero we haven’t seen before. Let’s go by each barrier station in a approach of her returning to a ring.


Leaked Photos and Videos

The leaked photos and vidoes of Paige were an advance of remoteness and would have been an embarrassing situation for anyone, though it’s not a finish of a world.

There are NSFW images of several stream and past Superstars floating around on a internet, both masculine and female.

The same thing has happened to vast celebrities, and many of them have weathered a charge only fine. Jennifer Lawrence’s career doesn’t seem to have been influenced judging by how many awards she has won.

The WWE competence not like a press a conditions received, though we live in an age where this kind of thing, unfortunately, happens all a time. 

Nobody is profitable courtesy to a story anymore, so it would have small to no impact on her intensity lapse to a ring.


Neck Injury

Paige’s neck damage is a one thing that competence forestall her from ever wrestling for any graduation again. A new instance of a identical conditions is Nikki Bella.

She had a neck damage she was told would stop her from ever removing behind in a ring, though she rehabbed tough and returned to action. Most of her tour was chronicled on Total Divas for a universe to see.

In fact, Bella appears to be a some-more well-rounded wrestler after being given some training by Daniel Bryan during her hiatus.

Paige is already a top-notch performer, and the WWE knows she appeals to a opposite kind of fan than many of a women’s division. If she can get healthy, she would be a profitable further to Raw or SmackDown.


Wellness Policy Violations

The WWE’s wellness process has a three-strikes rule. According to, Paige has already had her first and second violations, ensuing in a 30-day and 60-day suspension, respectively. 

While this doesn’t work in her favor, the WWE has been famous to continue pulling Superstars in identical positions. 

Randy Orton was suspended for 60 days in 2012,, and he only finished adult a run as WWE champion. Current tab group champion Jeff Hardy had his second violation all a approach behind in 2008.

The many critical thing to government is how good a Superstar can wrestle. As prolonged as she doesn’t get a third strike, she can deliver her career.

Paige has some vast hurdles to clear, though she also has a few things operative in her favor.


A Movie With The Rock

The Rock and his Seven Bucks Productions association are producing a film about Paige called Fighting With My Family.

WWE Studios is also concerned in a project, and it will concentration on Paige’s whole family as they run a graduation in a British wrestling scene.

No recover date has been announced, though scenes for a film were shot months ago with the lady set to play Paige, Florence Pugh, after an partial of Raw had finished filming.

Stephen Merchant will write and approach a comedy-drama, so a plan is in good hands. He is mostly famous for his work co-writing The Office with Ricky Gervais, though he was recently seen personification Caliban in Logan alongside Hugh Jackman. 

With the WWE and The Rock involved, this film is going to get a lot of press. It will expected be advertised on WWE television, that means Paige will be brought in to assistance foster it.

If it gets certain reviews, a association would be ridiculous not to gain on a broadside by bringing her behind to television.


Pure Wrestling Ability

The expansion of a women’s division is often credited to Charlotte, Bayley, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, though it was Paige and Emma who got things rolling.

Their compare during NXT Arrival stole a uncover and valid a women’s multiplication deserved to be taken some-more seriously. Had they forsaken a ball, there’s no revelation how prolonged it would have taken for government to give them a second chance.

Most of a multiplication is done adult of wrestlers who have been on a categorical register for underneath 3 years. Along with Natalya, Tamina, Mickie James and Naomi, Paige is one of a few Superstars who was there during a severe times. 

She was a initial NXT women’s champion and one of a youngest Superstars to win a pretension on a categorical register in WWE history. Her wrestling ability is above normal for someone her age, and she has a vast following done adult of both group and women. 


Paige is a Unique Inspiration

The WWE has copiousness of good women doing extraordinary things right now, though Paige is different, and it’s not only since her personal character that sets her apart, though that is partial of it.

She hits a small harder than most, and she knows how to play to a throng to get them behind into what competence have been a tedious match.

When she is wrestling as a heel or babyface, Paige can work with any competition to furnish a good performance. Whether she has 5 mins or 15, her bouts leave an impression.

The women’s multiplication has a lot of variety, though Paige appeals to a choice throng some-more than many of a stream Superstars on a categorical roster.

Adult fans competence not remember how critical it was to find someone in mainstream enlightenment to describe to when we were teenagers. Someone who identifies as a punk, goth, emo child or anything deliberate outward a normal competence not bond with Charlotte a same approach they would with Paige.

That’s not a hit on Charlotte. She is an impulse in her possess right, though immature people like to feel supposed for who they are, and saying someone like them on a outrageous theatre like the WWE goes a prolonged approach toward assisting them build confidence.



A lot has been created about Paige over a past year, though she has done it by each bit of bad press and personal trauma.

She is a good wrestler who can assistance shake things adult in a women’s multiplication once she is privileged by doctors to lapse to a ring.

WWE has no shortage of good womanlike performers right now, though carrying someone with an determined following and a film formed on their family constructed by The Rock would be tough for any upholder to pass up.

Hopefully, by this time subsequent year, The Glampire is behind to kicking opponents in a face and creation them daub out in a center of a ring. 

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