How WrestleMania 33 gave WWE a instruction it’s been missing

April 4, 2017 - WWE

The universe of pro wrestling: explained

The WWE has millions of revolutionary fans. You’re not one of them? We’ll explain a appeal.

by Daniel Van Boom

Are we subscribed to a WWE Network? If not, a association hopes Roman Reigns will change your mind.

That was a large takeaway from WrestleMania 33, a pro-wrestling spectacular watched by a packaged Camping World track in Orlando, Florida and about 2 million more on a WWE Network.

You’ll see many headlines on amicable media entrance out of a show. John Cena proposed to his real-life girlfriend Nikki Bella (she pronounced yes), renouned Attitude-era tab group The Hardy Boyz returned to a WWE after an eight-year deficiency and Brock Lesnar kick Bill Goldberg to win a Universal Championship.

But all of those are trumped by wrestling idol The Undertaker in what looked to be his final compare — and some-more importantly, a fact that he mislaid to Roman Reigns.


In Jan of 2015, Roman Reigns won a Royal Rumble, earning him a shot during a WWE Championship in a categorical eventuality of WrestleMania 31.

The devise was simple. Back then, Brock Lesnar was a WWE universe champ and had been created as a unbeatable monster. Roman was to be a studly horseman in resplendent armour that would slay The Beast (as Lesnar’s called) during WrestleMania, an act that would settle him as a WWE’s heading man.

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But there was a problem: The loudest, some-more hardcore fans wanted another wrestler, Daniel Bryan, to be that guy.

At a Royal Rumble that year, WWE chose Reigns over Bryan — and that began a two-year struggle. WWE presented Reigns as a hero, but many fans deserted him during each turn.

As a result, WWE had to change course. Reigns finished adult losing during WrestleMania that year, with a association loitering a anointing until a subsequent year, final year, during WrestleMania 32. There, Reigns did indeed win a championship, violence Triple H. The outspoken greeting was mostly negative.

Fans haven’t let up. Reigns mislaid a pretension final Jul after unwell a drug test. Many hoped it was adequate for WWE to change a mind, though it wasn’t prolonged before a main-event spotlight was behind on Reigns.

“That preference [to make Reigns a “face” of a WWE] was done some time back,” Wrestling Observer publisher Dave Meltzer told CNET. “Vince [McMahon, WWE CEO] put on a brakes dual years ago meditative in another year he’d make it work. But they done their preference years ago and have always been assured it’s a right decision.”

When fans disapprove Reigns, it’s a protest. They’re revelation McMahon, “Choose another guy.” It seemed a protests, during some points, were heard.

But final night WWE done it clear clear: No matter what hardcore fans think, a association believes Reigns is a favourite a ubiquitous open wants. He’s holding over from John Cena (who’s been wrestling reduction and acting/hosting some-more in a final few years) as a face of a association — either fans like it or hatred it.

The Undertaker is arguably a many reputable performer in a complicated story of wrestling. In a universe of pro wrestling, violence The Undertaker during WrestleMania is a many prestigious honour we can earn.

It’s so prestigious that Reigns is usually a second chairman to do it, bringing ‘Taker’s WrestleMania record to 23-2. After a match, The Phenom left his gloves, shawl and cloak in a ring, expected symbolising retirement.

There’s now no going back. Reigns is a male who late The Undertaker. He’s a tip star for life.

WrestleMania 34 and beyond


As furious as WrestleMania 33 was, and as sad as Undertaker’s retirement is, a business now looks brazen to what’s next.

Meltzer reported final month that a operative devise for WrestleMania 34 subsequent Apr is for Roman Reigns to pretension opposite Brock Lesnar.

Those seeds were planted final night. Lesnar kick Goldberg in a four-minute blowout fight to turn WWE Universal Champion. Reigns got a biggest win of his career opposite Undertaker.

Plus, a usually other male to kick Undertaker during WrestleMania? That was Lesnar behind in 2014. Their rumoured collision during subsequent year’s Showcase of a Immortals writes itself.

CNET’s favourite WrestleMania 33 moments

Luke Lancaster: Savage pixie Alexa Bliss stability to strike people super tough in Batman knave themed gear. Riddle Me Bliss: Who’s a best partial of a SmackDown women’s division.

Eric Franklin: My favorite impulse of a night, a one we keep examination over and over again is a Hardy Boyz’s return. It totally held me off ensure and brought a outrageous sentimental grin to my face.

Terry Collins: When Stephanie McMahon was bounced from a ring apron and went by a list during a good compare between HHH and Seth Rollins. we totally didn’t see that coming.

Daniel Van Boom: AJ Styles confronting Shane McMahon was a really pleasing warn for me. Shane tackling a 450 dash with a triangle throttle was quite baller.

The WWE Network is a fifth-biggest video streaming service in a US, with around 1.6 million paid subscribers. On Sunday, a WWE put all a chips on Roman Reigns, anticipating he’ll shepherd a Network into 2-million-subscriber domain — and boost TV ratings and sell truckloads of merchandise.

When Reigns was scheduled to do conflict with Lesnar in 2015, his winning a pretension was to be a coronation. It turns out Reigns’ loyal accession as champion of a wrestling universe didn’t even engage a title, and most to a beating of hardcore fans, there’s no volume of booing that can remove it.

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