In This Corner Podcast: WWE year in examination and 2017 pro wrestling awards

December 30, 2017 - WWE

In this episode: In this special year-end book of In This Corner, Brian Campbell, Nick Kostos and Adam Silverstein move we a initial Samson Awards. The final uncover of 2017 kicks off with BC and The Silver King jacket adult a year that was in veteran wrestling before Handsome Nick joins a guys to mangle down a 15 special endowment categories. Who won a Katie Vick Award? Did a WWE luminary hide by Kenny Omega for a Nature Boy Wrestler of a Year? We cover it all in a star-studded endowment uncover a likes of that you’ve never listened before. And then, after finale 2017 on a high note, BC and The Silver King reassemble to plead what competence have been missed by a awards and share their high hopes for a year to come. Whether your splash of choice is Milk of Marknesia or Under Juice, a guys have we lonesome as we step into 2018.

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