International luminary Kana on signing with WWE, looking for new challenge

September 8, 2015 - WWE

For scarcely a decade it seemed infinite that a WWE would find out talent from a eccentric theatre to turn categorical eventuality players in a largest sports party association in a world.

But a lot has altered over a past few years.

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Paul “Triple H” Levesque is now in assign of a NXT developmental module and has focused on signing a tip eccentric stars — like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe — and frame them into a subsequent WWE superstars. But he hasn’t stopped there, also looking abroad and bringing in general stars Finn Balor and Hideo Itami.

Now we can supplement Kanako Urai, aka Kana, to a brew with a WWE strictly signing a Japanese luminary on Monday. 

Last month, a 33 year-old done a warn entrance during NXT Takeover: Brooklyn sitting in a assembly and holding in a uncover alongside a “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Now, she will be a partial of NXT and will strictly news to a WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla. in late September.

Urai began her wrestling career in Jun 2004 and has wrestled for each vital women’s graduation in Japan while also being a unchanging with SHIMMER in a United States over a past 3 years. She is famous for her physical, in-ring character that includes a accumulation of acquiescence holds.

She joins NXT and a women’s multiplication during an engaging time with Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch recently being called adult to a WWE register and Bayley now a NXT women’s champion.

I recently had an email sell with Kana — who is still operative on her English — by her translator about signing with a WWE.

BRIAN FRITZ: First of all, congratulations on your signing with WWE. Why is now a right time for we in your career to make this decision?

KANA: I have been in this business for 10 years and have achieved roughly all there is to accomplish. we was looking for a new plea and when a event came adult with WWE, a timing usually felt right.

BF: Have we always suspicion about entrance to a WWE, or is this something we entertained some-more recently before it came together?

KANA: Even yet we was in Japan a infancy of my career, we was always perplexed by a allure of WWE and their worldwide appeal. There is no bigger theatre in sports entertainment, so it has always been in a behind of my mind.

BF: We’ve seen a women in NXT turn a focal indicate of a organisation with Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and now champion Bayley. What are your thoughts about those women and womanlike wrestling in NXT?

KANA: It has been really inspirational examination a Divas Revolution reveal over a past year or so. They are good competitors, and we am looking brazen to removing in a ring with all of them eventually.

BF: You were ringside final month during a NXT: TakeOver uncover in Brooklyn. What are your impressions of being their live and of NXT as a whole?

KANA: The appetite in a building was positively extraordinary and like zero we have ever gifted before. we felt like we was during a live concert. Experiencing that usually reassured me that we done a right preference and we can’t wish to get in a ring and compete.

BF: What is your attribute with Triple H (Paul Levesque) and what did he contend to we about fasten a association and how he envisions we wise in?

KANA: He has been my favorite WWE Superstar of all time, so it has been extraordinary to correlate with him and get his feedback. He told me he was awaiting a lot from me, and we wish to make him proud.

BF: we mentioned some of a gifted women in a company. Is there any one or dual in sold we demeanour brazen to removing in a ring with and why?

KANA: After witnessing Bayley win a NXT Divas Championship at NXT: TakeOver in Brooklyn, we knew she was somebody we would wish to contest with. I wish to be Divas Champion, so she is an apparent answer. we also have a extensive volume of honour for Charlotte, and would adore to get in a ring with her eventually also.

BF: You apparently have a lot of knowledge wrestling in Japan, though also wrestling for some eccentric groups in a United States. How most do we consider that will assistance in your transition in entrance to a U.S.?

KANA: Having already gifted American crowds we consider will really assistance me with a transition. No matter where a throng is, it is always about removing some arrange of reaction, and we don’t consider we will have any problem with that.

BF: I’ve listened we are already lustful of American culture. What are we looking brazen to doing outward of a ring once we are vital here?

KANA: we adore American stone song like Kiss, Aerosmith, and Kansas. we am looking brazen to attending some of their live concerts as shortly as we can!

Brian Fritz has formerly lonesome pro wrestling and MMA for AOL FanHouse and The Orlando Sentinel. You can find some-more of his work including podcasts during E-mail him during and follow him on Twitter @BrianFritz.

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