Is it too much, too shortly for Ronda Rousey in a WWE?

May 27, 2018 - WWE

12:59 AM ET

When we run down a list of a many inclusive athletes a WWE has ever sealed to a full-time contract, you’ll find countless NFL players, Olympic wrestlers, collegiate athletes in a far-reaching accumulation of sports and weightlifters with universe records.

But when it comes to complete prevalence during a veteran level, maybe usually Brock Lesnar comes tighten to what Ronda Rousey achieved before entrance to a WWE. When she took a Strikeforce women’s bantamweight championship and carried it into a UFC to spin a initial women’s champion in that company, it wasn’t a rite pierce by any means. Rousey walked by a doors of a UFC and became as widespread a champion as any other chairman who ever stepped into a Octagon.

Rousey happy to have mislaid final dual UFC fights since it brought her to WWE

After floating divided expectations in her initial WWE match, during WrestleMania 34 on Sunday, Ronda Rousey feels like all that happened to her — including her dual UFC waste — led her to this impulse in her life and a WWE. And that it was all value it.

  • Ronda Rousey focusing on present, relocating on from past

    Ronda Rousey was a UFC’s initial women’s champion and MMA’s many widespread fighter. But that was in a past, and she’s not meddlesome in that anymore. Rousey is in a WWE now, doing what is creation her happy.

  • Now on to a WWE, MMA universe won’t forget Ronda Rousey

    Ronda Rousey is putting a MMA universe behind her as she starts her new try with a WWE. Brett Okamoto reflects on her bequest and a unlawful finale that churned martial humanities fans are stranded with during this time.

  • After winning Olympic bronze in judo, Rousey ran by her 3 pledge MMA opponents over a march of 5 months with 3 first-round submissions around armbar in reduction than a minute. Five of her initial 7 fights went accurately a same way, with wins over Miesha Tate and Liz Carmouche holding until a final notation of a initial spin before Rousey finished them off.

    On her approach to apropos Strikeforce and afterwards UFC women’s bantamweight champion, she also reached a mainstream assembly in ways UFC fighters had never finished before. She’s starred in movies, seemed on many repository covers, including a 2012 ESPN a Magazine physique issue, and warranted remunerative sponsorships with a accumulation of mainstream companies.

    It’s no wonder, then, that notwithstanding dual tough waste during a tail finish of her UFC career, a WWE would snap Rousey adult during a initial probable eventuality — quite since of her long-public affinity for veteran wrestling. Once news of her signing became official, a usually genuine doubt that remained was how a WWE would conduct and implement Rousey, distant and divided one of a many profitable in-ring resources it has ever had underneath contract.

    In a weeks heading adult to WrestleMania 34, Rousey teamed adult with Kurt Angle to take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, and it was apparent that Rousey still had a lot to learn in a art of a promo. She showed a transparent loyalty in her wrestling training, both before and after she strictly signed, yet it seemed there were going to be some flourishing heedfulness a WWE would have to work around on a approach to creation Rousey a star in a new world.

    Whether it was those lowered expectations or a expectation for so many of a other matches on a WrestleMania card, a lot of people ignored a tab group compare featuring Rousey, Angle, Triple H and McMahon. That compare eventually repelled even a many confident Rousey fans, station out as one of a best (if not the best) of a whole show.

    From there, WWE seemed to get a legs and started to work toward Rousey’s strengths. The night after WrestleMania, Rousey slapped an armbar on an already harmed McMahon and got a loudest greeting of a evening. The comparisons aren’t perfect, yet Rousey was channeling a lot of a same anti-authority appetite that finished “Stone Cold” Steve Austin one of a many iconic characters in WWE history.

    Rousey’s training partner and crony Natalya was changed over to Raw in a Superstar Shakeup, and that seemed to be as ideal an entrance to solemnly confederate Rousey into a larger women’s register as WWE could have ever hoped for. Helping out her crony could spin into tab matches, followed by Rousey’s initial one-on-one matches and eventually her initial personal adversary when Natalya eventually incited her back. But after a few weeks on Natalya’s hip, Rousey left from WWE radio for a integrate of weeks and then, in a many doubtful and surprising of environments, Rousey was unexpected bearing into a Raw women’s pretension picture.

    During a red-carpet eventuality during NBC’s upfronts, Rousey was directly challenged by Raw women’s champion Nia Jax. The sell was clunky, yet Rousey did her best to inhibit and forked to other estimable challengers forward of her. Eventually a plea was accepted, and on Monday Night Raw a agreement for a championship compare for a arriving Money in a Bank pay-per-view eventuality was accepted.

    Both exchanges highlighted a weakest points of this story and since their characters don’t seem like healthy rivals on a surface. Neither is during a spin of a talker like Alexa Bliss, and even with McMahon directing trade during a agreement signing, it was tough not to listen to both Rousey and Jax and feel like all concerned was overmanufactured.

    It’s one of WWE’s biggest problems during this impulse with any story it tries to tell. We live in a universe where a lines between novella and existence have never been clearer — ostensible rivals poise for photos together on amicable media, and that’s only a tip of a iceberg.

    That’s not wholly a negative, as it’s mostly fascinating to learn about a genuine chairman behind a character. Knowing particular struggles allows fans to deposit serve in a tellurian being and a impression alike, yet when it comes to someone like Rousey, who smiles on camera and off camera until a impulse she’s called into action, simply throwing a palm adult in a atmosphere isn’t a right resolution for what WWE hopes to get out of Rousey.

    Take, for example, Jax’s plea of Rousey. Even given a entirely made inlet of a plea when a cameras of all sorts of media outlets are around, even if a accurate same plea was released and played out as it did, airing Rousey, Jax and Charlotte Flair with their arms around any other smiling like crazy didn’t have to be partial of a shave that aired for WWE fans around a universe to see. Some jot of passion between dual characters who have any been set adult as fan favorites was totally negated by a picture of a women portraying those characters immediately “snapping out” of that impulse and going behind to being buddies.

    Whether or not it’s ready, or either Rousey’s entirely ready, a WWE is finished with refinement and delayed builds. Unless something dramatically outward of expectations happens Jun 17 in Chicago, Rousey will travel out of Money in a Bank as a Raw women’s champion after only dual televised matches (pending anything in a meantime). It creates a satisfactory bit of business sense, being means to marketplace SummerSlam during a Barclays Center in Brooklyn with posters all over New York City display Rousey with pretension in hand.

    The aria it puts on a storytelling is a tough jump to clear, no doubt, mostly since of who’s champion and how distant out of left margin this compare is. That doesn’t meant that a WWE can’t make a best out of a conditions and use it to serve build adult Rousey as a impression whom fans can continue to trust in and hearten once she’s champion.

    No matter that instruction a WWE chooses, either it’s a transparent feat for Rousey or if Natalya or some other leader of a Money in a Bank ladder compare gets concerned during a championship compare or afterward, let’s make one thing clear: Rousey didn’t spin a informative figure and one of a biggest stars in a story of MMA since she had a grin on her face all a time. Rousey’s biggest cheers and support to this indicate in a WWE came not when she awkwardly forked to a WrestleMania pointer during a Royal Rumble eventuality in Philadelphia, yet when she was removing down to business in her compare during WrestleMania in New Orleans and her conflict on McMahon a subsequent night.

    Letting Rousey get down to business and sojourn critical while a cameras are rolling will concede WWE a lot some-more space for Rousey’s missteps and flourishing heedfulness by giving fans what they want. In a complicated WWE, a “good” man or lady doesn’t have to be a impression who smiles a most, signs a many autographs or high-fives a many fans. They only have to daub into a appetite and a hint of what they do best, and what a fans wish a most.

    The subsequent month will go a prolonged approach in defining either Ronda Rousey could be on a trail to apropos a kind of idol a WWE hopes she can be in a prolonged term, or if she falls plant to removing too much, too shortly in a eyes of a fans.

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