Is LaVar Ball going to uncover adult during WWE Raw on Monday in Los Angeles?

June 25, 2017 - WWE

Excluding active and recently late athletes, there’s no improved fit for WWE in a universe of sports these days than LaVar Ball, a braggadocios father of new Los Angeles Lakers ensure Lonzo Ball.

The 48-year-old Ball watched his son get comparison with a No. 2 altogether collect in a 2017 NBA Draft on Thursday, and his initial shot during a Staples Center spotlight might come as shortly as Monday if he winds adult on WWE’s signature program, Raw.

According to a news from Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE and Ball are “in talks” about an appearance, and it is “looking good” that an agreement will be reached. The website rightly notes that all WWE skeleton are theme to change, and when traffic with Ball, it is not surprising for something to be altered during a final minute.

Celebrity appearances in ubiquitous are mostly altered frequently by a artistic process, nonetheless WWE has a story of announcing such special guest during slightest a week in allege of a show. In this case, with Lonzo Ball being drafted by a Lakers on Thursday, it creates clarity that zero is in place only yet.

Though LaVar Ball would be a heel in wrestling parlance and expected booed in many locations opposite a United States, he would roughly positively be cheered in his son’s new home arena. Celebrity guest spots have ranged from singular in-ring movement to simply being shown backstage or on camera from seats in a past, so there’s no revelation what instruction they would go in this instance.

Perhaps a best approach WWE could use Ball would be as a coach or aspirant to Titus O’Neil, who is now pulling his “Titus Brand” on a program. This would concede Ball to give his Big Baller Brand additional bearing around mixed mentions.

Pro Wrestling Sheet also points to a new review Ball had during a NBA Draft about WWE and privately Raw on Monday. A Reddit user prisoner video of a comments from a live tide Ball promote via a event.

Man off camera: “You gotta do WWE, bro.”
LaVar Ball: “Alright, we only gotta speak strategy. we ain’t tryin’ to get hurt.”

The review continued from there with Ball asserting that he would not be meddlesome in going to SmackDown (which is on Tuesday in San Diego) since he wants to knowledge a genuine understanding and be on a large show. 

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