Is WWE down for a count?

December 3, 2015 - WWE

Fans of Vince McMahon’s WWE are wondering if a 70-year-old pro wrestling impresario has run out of good storylines.

Ratings for “WWE Raw,” a company’s Monday night uncover on USA Network, have depressed scarcely 50 percent from their 2015 high amid a slew of complaints from fans that a party has turn too predictable.

As one fan, Alex, posted on ratings blog “TV By The Numbers,” sagging ratings are a outcome of “too many matches with no storylines and a predicted and tedious ending.”

Such opinions have been intoxicated over pro wrestling circular play recently, that coincide with a months-long decrease in a Monday night TV audience.

For example, a assembly for a Nov. 23 uncover slipped next a 3 million threshold — to 2.96 million — from a high of 5.36 million in March, according to data.

As recently as Aug. 31, a assembly was still pulling 4 million — during 3.89 million. However, a final 3 months have seen a pointy fall-off.

The assembly for “Smackdown,” WWE’s Thursday night uncover on SyFy, fell to 1.65 million viewers on Thanksgiving Day, down 44 percent from a high watermark on Jan. 29.

Sources pronounced a observation pool was approaching to be emptied by WWE’s over-the-top offering, WWE Network, whose 1.3 million subscribers have 24/7 entrance to a company’s content.

Despite a spectator slippage and storyline complaints, primogenitor NBCUniversal is station by a beast offspring.

“WWE programming delivers one of a many large live audiences in wire on a weekly basement and is consistently a tip performer for a networks,” NBCU told The Post. WWE pronounced it had zero to supplement to that comment.

Shares of a Stamford, Conn., association have been on a rip in 2015, rising 41 percent.

They gained 2.1 percent on Wednesday, to $17.43.

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