Is WWE Grooming Finn Balor to Face Brock Lesnar for Universal Championship?

May 29, 2017 - WWE


It’s been roughly dual months given Finn Balor’s lapse to WWE, and his ascent to a tip of a register has been forever slower than his lightning-fast arise on his entrance in 2016.

Since returning, Balor has taken pinfall waste to The Miz and Roman Reigns. It’s in sheer contrariety to a brief undefeated strain that launched him to a Universal Championship final summer. He is mired in a star-studded Fatal 5-Way during Extreme Rules, though a categorical event’s smallest aspirant suddenly seems to have a slight corner to face Brock Lesnar during Great Balls of Fire. 

Monday on Raw, Balor was a customer a one-on-one review with Paul Heyman. Lesnar’s disciple did all he could to sell Balor as a viable claimant to invert a margin during Extreme Rules, and nobody indispensable a opinion of certainty more.

Of a 5 WWE Superstars opposed to turn No. 1 Contender—Balor, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns—the Irishman is a many uninspiring on a mic.

Wyatt, while he can be guilty of articulate in riddles, is distinguished as an orator with a charismatic smoothness that enhances his impression as a brain-washing cult leader. Samoa Joe has manifested his possess singular style, that incorporates still power with screaming madman, given his days in TNA. Seth Rollins, while he mostly comes off as perplexing too tough and can be odd when it comes to joining with an audience, is commencement to find his voice as a rah-rah babyface. 

Then there’s Roman Reigns. He will never be confused with an electrifying monologist such as The Rock or a smooth-talking seducer like Ric Flair. Still, he is a generational talent whose ability to bleed an impassioned romantic response is second to none. And as WWE continues to welcome his polarizing nature, his ability to pronounce gently and broach simple, approach messages has turn a genre unto itself. 

Balor’s glamour is a still one, and his fantastic entrances—namely those when his physique is painted—and heated staring can captivate audiences. His participation can be so absolute but wanting to pronounce that when he does, it is marginally deleterious to his mystique.

So to have arguably WWE’s excellent talker, Heyman, report Balor as a intensity competition for a returning Brock Lesnar was a godsend for The Demon.

The story flattering many writes itself. Balor is looking to recover a Universal Championship he never lost. Heyman pronounced he was many intrigued by a probability of Balor vs. Lesnar, and in this field, that idea is usually about passed on. In further to wise a account of The Demon getting his legitimate shot during a universe championship that he was forced to relinquish, Balor vs. Lesnar creates a David vs. Goliath showdown that no other outcome can match.

Rollins, a usually other aspirant who isn’t a loyal heavyweight, has competed opposite Lesnar in a past. And while Rollins vs. Lesnar has a identical loser vs. beast feel, a showdown between them is distant reduction novel than one between Balor and Lesnar, who have never stood in a same ring together. 

Heyman was right to select Balor as a many intriguing contender for his client. Though Samoa Joe is a only Superstar in a compare who has never won a universe championship in WWE, it feels like Balor has a many to prove, if zero else since of a length of time he was away.

Brock Lesnar’s prolonged deficiency is set to finish soon. And Balor is rising as a favorite to plea him.


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