Jake Hager says he pitched fire quarrel to WWE: we felt we was ‘the toughest man in a locker room’

November 26, 2017 - WWE

Jake Hager had an thought for his pro-wrestling impression Jack Swagger a few years ago. Hager, a former All-American pledge wrestler during a University of Oklahoma, pitched to WWE that he should be requisitioned in a legitimate fight.

“For a longest time there, we felt like we was literally a toughest male in a locker room,” Hager told Ariel Helwani on a new book of The MMA Hour. “Yet, we would go out there and have two-minute matches with guys that couldn’t reason my jock. It even got to a indicate where we pitched to them, we was like, ‘Look, we got something to prove. You guys are a good platform. Let me infer it. Pick a warrior — I’ll quarrel anybody. Put them on your uncover and I’ll quarrel them.’ They didn’t unequivocally wish to go down that route.”

WWE dabbled in genuine fighting — a shoot, in pro-wrestling parlance — in 1998. It was called Brawl for All, a boxing-wrestling hybrid with no grappling or strikes on a ground. It was also a disaster, with fans booing a contest matches and mixed wrestlers removing harmed in a matches. The male who was ostensible to win to set adult a storyline argument with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was Steve Williams and he was knocked out in a second turn after nutritious an injury.

Hager, though, was certain with his flashy wrestling credentials that he could rouse himself and his impression by winning a genuine fight. But WWE eventually balked. Now, Hager is out of a graduation and posterior a crossover career in MMA with Bellator, it was announced Monday.

“Let’s do something different, along those lines,” Hager pronounced of his fire quarrel representation to WWE. “I don’t know if they usually didn’t trust in my abilities, yet now we’re here to uncover it. It’s crazy. Stuff like that always happens and it usually got pushed to a side and we was like, Alright, good I’m still here. I’m gonna do do it. It’s a good event that I’m gonna take advantage of.”

Hager, 35, pronounced he and his manager Daniel Rubenstein, a associate Oklahoma graduate, reached out to a UFC, yet they felt all along that Bellator would make a many sense.

“We reached out to a UFC, yet in a heads a whole time Bellator was a finish run,” Hager said. “That’s where we wanted to go. Like we said, they usually seem like a association that values a talents and a assets. we consider it’s on a rise. You see what Bellator is doing, with a register that they pierce in. Not usually during heavyweight, during all weights. It’s unequivocally apropos good and tough all a approach through. It’s unequivocally sparkling to be a partial of that.”

Hager asked for and was postulated his WWE recover progressing this year. He has given been behaving in pro wrestling on a eccentric circuit, that he pronounced he will continue to do while fighting for Bellator. Hager pronounced he has been training for 8 months in MMA and skeleton on fighting twice a year, while holding pro-wrestling bookings on many weekends.

Bellator is no foreigner to such arrangements. Bobby Lashley, a heavyweight and former WWE star like Hager, competes for a MMA graduation and is also a headlining pro wrestling for a Impact promotion.

“I consider it’s cold right now that there’s a outrageous event here to do both during a same time,” Hager said. “Very advantageous that we have a small bit of a name and a following, so we kind of wish to do both. we wish to pro quarrel and we wish to be a fighter, to assistance any other. It’s 2017, about to be 2018. Combat sports is a many renouned in a universe right now.

“It’s a special thing and it’s gonna be difficult. But it sounds like a lot of fun.”

Hager pronounced he sealed a three-year, six-fight understanding with Bellator and a devise is for him to entrance in Apr or May. Currently, he’s training during a Ybor City Jiu Jitsu Club in Tampa and doing his strength and conditioning with former Ultimate Fighter castmate Josh Rafferty. Hager is 6-foot-5 and weighs north of 270 pounds, so he pronounced he skeleton on bulking adult and slicing down to a 265-pound heavyweight limit for MMA.

The Perry, Okla., local spent some-more than 10 years in WWE and had a run with a World Heavyweight Championship belt. For a bit, Hager pronounced he wondered since he wanted to leave. And now he’s feeling some-more and some-more like this — MMA — was his purpose.

“For a longest time, it was like, ‘Why did we leave?’” he said. “And we consider it’s turn unequivocally obvious. This is since we left a WWE. we wasn’t authorised to unequivocally contest adult there, even yet we felt like we can take anyone in a locker room. And now it’s such a renouned time to be a pro wrestler, to be in quarrel sports, to be an MMA fighter, where we can unequivocally take your event and put it in your possess hands, your possess tough work. That’s unequivocally since we left.

“I consider there’s certain forms of guys that usually need to be punched in a face, wish to ambience blood. And we consider I’m really like that. Maybe we got divided from that for too long. Always been a fan of MMA. I’ve been wrestling given we was 5 years old. Some form of that always transcends to me.”

Multiple times in a talk Hager stressed that he’ll now be means to make due on his possess merits, a probable anxiety to WWE’s artistic team. From a implications, it seems like Hager’s fire quarrel thought being incited down was not his usually protest with a universe personality in pro wrestling.

“It’s not shade, since it’s a truth,” Hager said. “You can usually see how certain people get treated adult there. It was crazy. Are we serious? So it was usually time to pierce on. Just vehement for a initial time in a decade, my tough work, my loyalty will directly compensate off to my results.”

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