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December 24, 2015 - WWE

As we open gift-wrapped questions from this week’s holiday book of a WWE mailbag, it seems WWE is removing a things together during a right time. Things will usually turn some-more engaging with a unavoidable earnings of Triple H and Brock Lesnar, though until then, we’re stranded with The League of Nations. The foursome smothered Raw until fizzling out in a categorical event.

Is this a indication of sorts?


League of Rations?

I admire WWE for remaining committed to The League of Nations. we still cruise it rather of a lame-duck fast now that Sheamus has mislaid a universe pretension with no signs of removing it back. But if WWE protects a group, it can offer as a appearing hazard that keeps Roman Reigns over as a intrepid babyface.

There’s no need to change around care roles. With a difference of all-time talents like The Rock, who took over The Nation—although it was a watered-down chronicle of a belligerent organisation it once was by then—and Triple H, who took over Degeneration-X, stables are frequency bolstered by a new leader. New leaders usually designate a commencement of a end.

WWE simply needs to float this League of Nations gimmick out until it finds intriguing exit skeleton for any member. Perhaps a organisation will browbeat a Royal Rumble before carrying a argument as to who should win. Hopefully, there are feuds or intensity tab teams that spin off from this stable. Either way, a coterie is filled with too many talent to spend a subsequent several months putting Reigns over.


USA Net Worth?

It better. SmackDown on a USA Network does not have a oppulance of starting off prohibited usually to settle into a customary B-show rhythm. If SmackDown does not broach clever ratings in primary time for USA, that prides itself as a annual No. 1 wire network, USA will have no qualms about dropping a uncover a same approach it forsaken a Steve Austin iteration of Tough Enough despite considerable ratings.

With a new announcer in Mauro Ranallo, whose character is distant opposite from any of WWE‘s overtrained in-house broadcasters, WWE is clearly committed to creation SmackDown have a opposite feel. Vince McMahon has always valued a purpose of explanation (he once played one himself), and creation such a confidant pierce to flog off SmackDown positively demonstrates a uncover is unexpected a priority.

WWE does not need to give divided pay-per-view peculiarity matches on SmackDown each week identical to Raw, though it should prominence less-heralded talents while featuring vital storyline developments from tip stars.


Question of a Week: Royal Returns?

I consider we’ll see both. With WWE‘s stream disease of injuries, that we discussed during length on PodNasty, there will be copiousness of room for NXT stars and high-profile warn returns.

Both Matt and Jeff Hardy have voiced seductiveness in returning to WWE with designs on rekindling their mythological argument opposite The Dudley Boyz. Jeff recently told Ric Flair’s Wooooo! Nation podcast (h/t “It would be super good to be means to have a few some-more good ones with The Dudley Boyz.”

Jeff Hardy is on a brief list of many suggestive earnings from former WWE Superstars. If his song strike during a Royal Rumble, it could be a biggest prominence of a match. A Hardys reunion doesn’t have to be a one-off.

There’s a lot of fun to be had with a New Day-Hardy confrontation. The twin could also have good matches opposite The Usos or The Lucha Dragons.

With a Dudleys on a register and a budding tab group division, a WrestleMania tab group compare that also enclosed a Hardys would be a stamp of capitulation that will serve comparison this division.


WWE Presents…

Speaking particularly as a suppositious Christmas gift, a CM Punk lapse would be a biggest story of a year, so unfit as it sounds, we have to go with that.

Daniel Bryan returning to a ring seems fantastic during this point, though we wouldn’t order out some form of farewell debate that featured him wrestling in a singular capacity.

Bryan recently told Sharon Lee of the Straits Times he’s operative on a concede with WWE per his in-ring future, so there might be wish yet.

Bryan’s lapse compare is a form of vital storyline that could be used on SmackDown when it moves to a USA Network. Had Bryan been a healthy intercontinental champion, he would have been a good choice to lift a SmackDown code and assistance build that championship a approach Cena helped supplement credit to a United States Championship.


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