Joey Styles out after 11 years during WWE

August 9, 2016 - WWE


If we followed a heyday of Extreme Championship Wrestling – or even a WWE’s try during a reincarnation — we know accurately what that means.

Joey Styles was a soundtrack of ECW, a association whose change was felt over a distance and in many ways helped fuel a Attitude Era in WWE.

Styles hasn’t been behind a mic given 2008, holding a behind-the-scenes purpose with a expanding and digital media efforts.

But after an 11-year reign with WWE, Styles is gone. The news was initial reported by

His final position with WWE was a clamp boss of digital media calm and maybe he likely his possess departure.

He recently seemed on a Facebook Live QA, and joked it could be a talk that finished his time with a company. Pulling no punches, Styles talked of his dislike for three-man announce teams (both RAW and SmackDown have three-man announce teams), questioned a name of a new Universal championship, and pronounced that Roman Reigns is a babyface being shoved down fans’ throats since Vince McMahon wants him.

He added, “Kids like Roman Reigns. Moms like Roman Reigns. That’s a reason.” He also remarkable that McMahon has been right most some-more mostly than he’s been wrong so he wasn’t going to doubt him, while clearly doing only that.

The video has been pulled from WWE’s amicable media feeds.

What’s subsequent for Styles could be interesting. Much like Jim Ross was after his WWE departure, Styles will be in direct to lapse to announcing if he so chooses and there are a series of promotions that could benefit. Or Styles competence take his digital media knowledge to a non-wrestling try — maybe he could even reunite with Paul Heyman as partial of The Heyman Hustle and his expanding digital media company.


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