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March 8, 2015 - WWE

Ring Rust Radio is a best wrestling uncover on a airwaves, and this week was no different. With clever opinions on John Cena, Daniel Bryan and more, this is where we need to go to get all of your weekly WWE nuggets.

Bleacher Report featured columnists Mike Chiari, Donald Wood and Brandon Galvin give a lowdown on all going on in a wrestling world. Also, ROH star ACH assimilated a uncover to offer his inside viewpoint on a business.

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Rusev Blocks John Cena‘s Rematch Request

Although Rusev indispensable to review to astray tactics, he degraded John Cena during WWE Fastlane by creation him pass out around a Accolade. Cena understandably wants a rematch opposite a Bulgarian Brute during WrestleMania 31, yet his ask was once again shot down by a United States champion on Raw.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: How Will Cena Get Rusev to Accept?

Cena also unsuccessfully lobbied for a rematch against Rusev one week earlier. The personality of a Cenation was clearly quiescent to doing something else during WrestleMania, that is because he attempted to enter himself into a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He was blocked by Stephanie McMahon, however, that resulted in him going behind to a Rusev well.

Despite a stupidity of a notion, WWE is relocating brazen with a storyline that suggests Cena could be left off a WrestleMania card. Since Cena and Rusev have been feuding given a Royal Rumble, though, there is no doubt they will close horns on a grandest theatre of them all. The usually genuine doubt relates to how Cena will remonstrate a criminal to quarrel him again.

This form of story has been told many times in wrestling over a years, and while it is sincerely simplistic, it could spin out to be a plain angle if WWE adds an additional corner and dimension to Cena‘s impression in sequence to impel Rusev into a match.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

Many fans were intrigued by a opinion displayed by Cena heading adult to Fastlane, as he was intensely assertive in his doing of Rusev. That dissolute in rather predicted fashion, nonetheless a writers left it so they could round behind to it. Having Cena radically force Rusev into a compare by commanding his will physically is something that could supplement a much-needed boost to their WrestleMania bout.

Based on a demeanour in that Cena has been requisitioned over a years, though, that isn’t a expectation. Since this argument has shifted from a young-versus-old angle to Russia contra a United States, demeanour for Cena to insult Russia, a boss and maybe even Lana in an bid to nettle Rusev.

Comedy isn’t a ideal approach to make this compare happen, yet WWE has a approach of downplaying a significance of Cena matches during times by carrying him moment jokes, and that will be a box once again this time around.


Rumor Mill

Possible chapter for Cena versus Rusev ( around


Daniel Bryan Trending Toward IC Title Ladder Match

Many WWE fans were carefree that Daniel Bryan would better Roman Reigns during Fastlane and pierce on to face Brock Lesnar for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship during WrestleMania. That wasn’t a case, though, and a renouned Superstar has radically been left out in a cold.

He has had some impasse in a storyline surrounding a Intercontinental Championship, yet his WrestleMania purpose is distant from motionless during this point.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: What Will Be Bryan’s Role during WrestleMania?

Since losing during Fastlane, Bryan has been mired in a state of uncertainty. With Bad News Barrett removing bearing into a multi-man ladder compare with his Intercontinental Championship on a line, Bryan has been on a outskirts.

Dean Ambrose, R-Truth, Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler are decisive entrants into a match, and while Bryan continues to get concerned in those segments, his actions haven’t indispensably solidified his status.

On a surface, this IC pretension ladder compare has all a makings of a competition that could take a uncover in Santa Clara. It is already built with copiousness of high-caliber workers, and Bryan would many really supplement to that. At a same time, Bryan is one of a biggest and many renouned stars in WWE, so he deserves to have a spotlight to himself in a singles match.

Almost everybody of effect seems to be partnered adult with WrestleMania usually a integrate weeks away, though, that means Bryan might be stuck.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

As things now stand, it looks like there is usually one intensity choice for Bryan in terms of a singles match, and that would be a date with Sheamus.

They have already faced any other twice during WrestleMania, yet their bouts didn’t live adult to their potential. One of them was changed to a pre-show, while a other lasted usually 18 seconds, as a Celtic Warrior gave Bryan a Brogue Kick to win a World Heavyweight Championship.

Bryan and Sheamus were primarily ostensible to lock horns at WrestleMania XXX, yet a array of events led to Bryan finale that uncover as WWE World Heavyweight champion. Vignettes have aired heralding Sheamus‘ lapse over a past several weeks, that could vigilance a start of something large for him, given it would be rather peculiar for him to lapse in a multi-man ladder compare or Battle Royal after so most hype.

WWE has to be holding behind on putting Bryan in a ladder compare for a reason, and that reason is expected to have him face Sheamus, who could spin out to be a challenging opponent, supposing WWE finally pulls a trigger on a heel turn.


Rumor Mill

Backstage news on skeleton for Sheamus (PWInsider around


RRR Interview with ROH‘s ACH

ACH is one of a fastest-rising stars Ring of Honor has to offer, and that was apparent during a new ROH 13th Anniversary pay-per-view in Las Vegas as he took on A.J. Styles in what was arguably a compare of a night. Prior to that unusual affair, a 27-year-old grappler sat down with Ring Rust Radio to plead his expansion into a top-flight star.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: What’s Next for ACH?

Although ACH was degraded by Styles, a fact that he was even partial of that compare speaks volumes about his ascent.

Over a past several months, it has turn extravagantly transparent that ROH trusts him in large spots. In further to his strife with Styles, ACH has also taken on a likes of Alberto El Patron and ROH World Heavyweight champion Jay Briscoe. Being placed on a same turn as such gifted wrestlers is a vital opinion of certainty in ACH‘s ability.

ACH advantages from a fact he is able of putting on a good compare with flattering most anyone. Having that form of flexibility means there are some-more opportunities to take advantage of. He is one of a best high-flyers in a competition right now, and nonetheless he is still in routine of perfecting his character, his unimaginable athleticism is ensuring he stays an critical partial of a product in a meantime.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

ROH has been on a vital hurl as of late in terms of stability to move in large name talent. Samoa Joe done his lapse to a association during a 13th Anniversary show, and ACH welcomed a addition. Perhaps it should come as no warn that ACH has already been booked to face a former ROH World Heavyweight champion during an arriving eventuality in Milwaukee.

Regardless of either ACH wins or loses that match, it will be another plume in his cap. Every contingent good in ROH has started during a bottom and worked toward a top. That has been a box with ACH, and he is clearly most closer to a apex now than ever before.

ACH concurred on RRR that eventually creation a burst to WWE is a idea of his, yet he also done it transparent that he is happy with and focused on ROH. ACH still has copiousness to accomplish and conquer on a eccentric scene, and all signs indicate toward him doing precisely that.


Ring Rust Radio’s Season 7 Fantasy WWE Standings

1. Brandon Galvin: 372.5

2. Joe Arcidiacono: 245

3. Mike Chiari: 217.5

4. Donald Wood: 60


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