John Cena Shines As Host Of ‘Saturday Night Live’ As WWE Exit Remains Imminent

December 12, 2016 - WWE

As a dust begins to settle, and a existence starts to set in, on Trump’s America, Saturday Night Live is solemnly being done to perform on a possess merits. Without election-season buttress Alec Baldwin to perform his dead-on sense of a President-elect, final night’s partial was by no means perfect.

And while the writers competence have trite a description of Cena as a muscle-bound, current(?) pro wrestler, Cena was means to uncover his comedic operation by a far-reaching operation of characters from one-half of a Klovak Brothers—a tandem of magicians in a suggestion of Siegfried and Roy—to Fabio-like bookstore worker Jean-George.

The A.V. Club remarkable “the uncover kept adhering him in a winner/overdog role, a thesis that could have been off-putting if not for Cena’s responsible loyalty to pleasant goofiness.” Ahead of Cena’s much-anticipated appearance, Vulture wrote “whether he’ll take to Hollywood like a artist before famous as The Rock, it’s tough to say, though how Cena performs on SNL competence win some nonbelievers to his side.”

While Cena matriarch not have blown divided expectations, he was hardly out of place in this environment, that is critical to his ongoing growth as a Hollywood star. This partial was described by many as one of a weaker outputs by SNL in new history, with Entertainment Weekly giving it a B-. But Cena’s definite attract and joining to several roles were adequate to keep a uncover afloat.

There have been reports of WWE officials being worried of Cena’s accessibility in 2017. Cena’s scene-stealing performances in Trainwreck and Sisters greatly lifted his batch on a china shade in 2015. His hosting gig was a large manoeuvre to tighten out 2016. To design him to be a vital partial of WWE programming in 2017 is sad thinking.

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