John Cena Will Stop Dean Ambrose’s Momentum in WWE

October 16, 2014 - WWE

John Cena has recently been endangered in rather of a mini-feud with Dean Ambrose in WWE.  The face of Vince McMahon’s association has had issues with The Lunatic Fringe given Seth Rollins extrinsic himself in a WWE World Heavyweight Championship compare during Night of Champions, radically costing Cena a title.

So while Cena has been out for revenge, he has had clever antithesis from Ambrose, who wanted zero some-more than to take Rollins out himself.  Ambrose is now apparently moving on to face Rollins during Hell in a Cell, yet he might not be finished with Cena usually yet.  And if that is a case, afterwards Cena will stop Ambrose’s movement in a company.

That seems like a high sequence to many fans, generally deliberation that Ambrose is so prohibited right now.  The former Shield member has been on utterly a arise in new weeks, and he unequivocally appears to be on his approach to good things in WWE.

Ambrose usually has that certain something, that one unsubstantial that sets him detached from everybody else in a locker room.  In a association full of gifted workers, this is not a easiest thing to accomplish, of course, yet there can be no denying Ambrose is apropos must-see TV.

He’s dangerous, he’s sparkling and he is usually fun to watch.  Ambrose has incorporated a essential every-man peculiarity that is pivotal to removing over with a throng and has finished it all his own.  Much like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan before him, Ambrose has found his approach into a hearts and minds of fans that expected see themselves reflected in him.

Ambrose does not demeanour like a pro wrestling superstar.  He is not a muscled-up giant, soaring over his foe and staring down during a rest of a register with widespread indifference.  He is also not an egomaniac that seeks to keep others down while he does whatever is required to get ahead.

Ambrose is usually a unchanging male who gets into a ring and fights his heart out.  Fans can unequivocally describe to that, and they can also conclude what he does in terms of revolting opposite authority.  Right now, that management consists of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who have reigned over WWE for some-more than a year.

The Authority is a company’s primary heel faction, a organisation that each babyface on a arise eventually runs into during some point.  This is indeed a box for Ambrose, as Rollins is in a core of that organisation as a male pegged to lift a association forward.  And given Ambrose has a problem with him, they have a problem with him.


But Ambrose’s former Shield teammate is not a usually one he should be endangered with.  Cena is in a picture, and even yet he is now booked to face Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell, that does not indispensably meant he is finished with Ambrose.

At initial glance, there should be no problem with this.  After all, Cena is a tip dog in WWE, a male around whom a association is built and a male a association follows on a weekly basis.  To be seen subsequent to him, to massage shoulders with him, has a ability to put a unequivocally splendid light on anyone station opposite him.  This includes Ambrose, who is apparently on his approach adult a ladder.

Technically, Cena should be giving Ambrose a rub.  Technically, Ambrose’s star should be blazing brighter than ever before.  But will that be a case?

The fact is that notwithstanding how many critique Cena receives from a WWE faithful, there is no denying his place in a company.  He is a tip guy, and as such he contingency demeanour clever all a time.  To suppose that a relations visitor like Ambrose would get so many spotlight opposite him that he would jump adult in a pecking sequence sounds scarcely unfit to many fans.


Practically no one gets over on Cena unless he is an determined star.  Brock Lesnar is a best instance of this, as he recently demolished Cena during SummerSlam to turn a new WWE universe heavyweight champion.  Lesnar is no newcomer, and he did not need Cena to get him over in terms of building his WWE career.

But Cena did a job, and that pursuit was finished to a maestro categorical eventuality Superstar.  Bray Wyatt, on a other hand, was a opposite beast altogether.

When Cena initial crossed paths with Wyatt, WWE fans were expected salivating during a suspicion of it.  Here was a many darker talent than Cena had faced in utterly some time, a talent that used psychological crusade not since it helped him mentally psych out his opponents yet since it was usually fun for him.  Wyatt’s impression was not overly endangered with elaborating to a subsequent level; he didn’t unequivocally caring about titles or categorical eventuality notoriety.

The Eater of Worlds usually wanted to destroy.  But when he ran into Cena, he was a one that fell in a end.

That argument could have been a eventuality Wyatt indispensable to turn a loyal categorical eventuality hazard in WWE, yet it usually did not happen.  In a end, Cena prevailed, and no volume of mind games could stop that from happening.  Cena looked stronger and improved than ever, and he had Wyatt to appreciate for creation that happen.

Will a same be pronounced of Ambrose now?  If he does indeed brew it adult with Cena in a nearby future, will he go down in a name of progressing Cena‘s place during a tip of a WWE food chain?  Will The Lunatic Fringe turn usually another win on Cena‘s record, instead of a destiny tip male that many fans trust he is?

The fact is that notwithstanding how many work is finished to get Ambrose over and notwithstanding a success he is now enjoying, Cena is a final male he wants to get endangered with.  Cena can assistance in a brief term, yet eventually he will always get over, and if that happens, afterwards Ambrose could find himself behind during block one. That is a mark that Wyatt is now in, and many fans do not wish to see it occur with Ambrose.

Ambrose is on his approach in WWE. With any luck, Cena will stay out of it.

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