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November 30, 2015 - WWE

WWE is now yet a few of their many renouned stars since of injuries, yet a company’s No.1 wrestler is healthy and hasn’t been on radio for over a month. John Cena final seemed on WWE TV during a Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on Oct. 25, and it could be a while before he creates his return.

Cena mislaid his United States Championship to Alberto Del Rio during Hell in a Cell, and WWE has not done discuss of his absence. The 15-time universe champion is holding time off to film a existence TV show, and conjunction WWE nor Cena has announced when he will be back.



There had been rumors that Cena would usually skip one PPV, returning for a U.S. Title rematch with Del Rio during TLC on Dec. 13. With dual weeks remaining until a event, Del Rio still doesn’t have an central opponent, yet it seems doubtful that Cena will have a compare soon. Del Rio will expected face Jack Swagger during TLC with a pretension on a line, deliberation a dual wrestlers traded promos on “Monday Night Raw” and had a compare that finished in a suspension on “Smackdown.”

All signs seem to prove that Cena will combat again before 2016 arrives. He’s scheduled to face Del Rio during a live eventuality on Dec. 26 during Madison Square Garden, yet a label is theme to change. But even if Cena does lapse to a ring in 2015, that doesn’t indispensably meant he has to seem on TV before a start of a New Year. He’s also scheduled to pretension WWE’s debate of India in mid-January.

WWE was in a really identical conditions with Cena only dual years ago. After losing a WWE Championship to Daniel Bryan during SummerSlam 2013, Cena was sidelined with a triceps injury. He returned during Hell in a Cell after carrying not seemed live on “Raw” for dual months, violence Del Rio for a World Heavyweight Championship during a PPV.

Whether Cena earnings to TV someday in Dec or in January, a many expected unfolding seems to have him severe for a U.S. Title during a Royal Rumble. Cena could potentially sojourn off TV until a Royal Rumble and take partial in a 30-man conflict stately as a warn entrant. WWE substantially won’t keep him off TV for 3 months, generally deliberation their low ratings of late.

Cena brought increasing status to a United States Championship by holding it for half of 2015. He doesn’t seem expected to win a belt back, and he could be headed for a match with The Undertaker during WrestleMania 32.

Cena can never be totally counted out of a WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture, and there has been some conjecture that he could face Roman Reigns in a pretension compare during WrestleMania 32. But a compare with a Deadman during a biggest WWE PPV of 2016 creates a many clarity for Cena.

In further to Cena blank time, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and Cesaro are all out with injuries. All 3 wrestlers could skip WrestleMania 32.

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