Jon Stewart Kicked A Wrestler in a Nuts On WWE?s ?Monday Night Raw? and …

March 3, 2015 - WWE

Jon Stewart might be timid from The Daily Show, though if he plays his cards right, he might have a probable career as a WWE wrestler.

The petite 52-year-old domestic satirist might not be a initial male you’d brace for a wrestler (call him “The Newsman?”), though he still managed to chuck down on Monday Night Raw, delivering a quick flog in a nuts to a decidedly incomparable wrestler Seth Rollins.

Chalk this one adult underneath “things we don’t see each day”:

The play kicked off on Feb 16, when Rollins addressed a WWE throng in Orlando with some oppressive difference for Stewart. “I am a many gifted performer in a whole world,” Rollins proclaimed. “I can do whatever we want, whenever we wish and there’s nobody or zero that can stop me. … we could take over as horde of The Daily Show for Jon Stewart and make that thing indeed watchable.”

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Stewart responded in kind, posting a waggish video response wherein he said: “Seth Rollins, you’ve done a lot of mistakes in your life… though this is a biggest mistake you’ve ever done by entrance after The Daily Show. You usually stepped in a universe of harm my friend.”

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So Rollins dismissed behind a usually approach he knows how, crashing The Daily Show set final Thursday and putting Stewart in a headlock while a cameras were rolling.

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On Monday Night Raw, Stewart came on and intent in a ridicule The Daily Show with Seth Rollins segment, barbecuing Stewart about a headlock and his Oscars hosting chops, saying, “Jon Stewart… he talked a flattering tough diversion when we was on his turf, though given then, most like a assembly when he hosted a Oscars final year, he’s been passed silent. What do we know? A wuss who’s also a phony? But guys, we unequivocally shouldn’t be surprised. He’s from New Jersey.” He also took a few jabs during Stewart’s directorial debut, Rosewater, observant “all of America” didn’t see it, and that he’d “force him to retire immediately” if he came onstage, since it’s “hard to horde a artificial news uncover with your jaw connected shut.”

Then Stewart came on, and pronounced to a rugged fighter, “I have something you’ll never have: Respect.”

Check out all a insanity/hilarity here:

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