‘Daily Show’ star says he’ll pierce a pain to Seth Rollins

Wrestling star Seth Rollins messed with a wrong late night radio host.

A small backstory: Earlier this week, Rollins boasted that he was a many gifted male in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), or a destiny claimant for John Oliver’s “How is this still a thing” segment. The wrestling star, whose signature pierce is a “curb stomp,” pronounced he was so good he could take his talents to a White House. Hell, he pronounced he could even reinstate Jon Stewart when he departs a Daily Show.

His exact words: “I could take over as horde of a Daily Show and make that thing indeed watchable.” Burn.

Well, Stewart isn’t holding a hazard fibbing down. In a video posted on Youtube, Stewart had this to contend in response to Rollins: “Coming after a Daily Show, we only stepped in a universe of hurt, my friend.”

“I’m entrance for we Rollins. One hundred and sixty pounds of dynamite.”

Well, maybe not dynamite.

“My bone firmness isn’t what it used to be,” Stewart says. “160 pounds of wood…like a soothing wood. Like a pine.”