Josh Bredl: Gauging WWE ‘Tough Enough’ 2015 Winner’s Chances to Make Roster

August 26, 2015 - WWE

Don’t count on a WWE Tough Enough abuse continuing. Josh Bredl is primed to make an impact on a roster.

Armed with a kind of physique that WWE cherishes, ever-developing glamour and a clever work ethic, a powerhouse has a picturesque shot to do what recent winners of a existence uncover have unsuccessful to do: indeed make a career in a squared circle.

On Tuesday night, a approaching became official. Fans voted to make Bredl one of dual winners of a 2015 book of Tough Enough. Sara Lee won a womanlike side of a competition.

Both victors now reason a WWE developmental understanding in their hands.  

Bredl has a lot of work forward of him, though. While he has copiousness of collection to work with, he’s a tender prospect. Pro wrestling is a formidable art to master, and only being an considerable earthy citation positively doesn’t pledge success.

Should Bredl accomplish even a small in a WWE world, he will be bucking a new trend. Tough Enough winners have trafficked into shade rather than a spotlight as of late.

In a show’s fifth season, Andy Leavine outlasted his associate competitors. After spending a few years during Florida Championship Wrestling (WWE‘s developmental appendage during a time), he tallied a sum of 0 matches on a categorical roster.

MMA warrior Daniel Puder won Tough Enough in 2004. His WWE career lasted only a few months. 

He is some-more famous for nearly violation Kurt Angle’s arm than anything he achieved during his tenure.

Matt Cappotelli co-won a year before Puder, nonetheless a mind growth stalled his WWE dreams. As noted on, a successful medicine private a tumor. When his developmental understanding was up, though, WWE didn’t re-sign him.

To varying degrees, those 3 group faded divided after holding a tip mark on Tough Enough.

There’s reason to be uncertain of Bredl‘s chances then. History is not on his side. His support is, however. 

WWE is a place where distance mostly trumps skill. The muscular, large Mason Ryan warranted copiousness of shots notwithstanding his wooden ring work. And there’s a reason that a 385-pound Braun Strowman done it to a categorical register before Tyler Breeze.

Bredl is WWE-big. The former Colorado State University-Pueblo defensive finish is 6’7” and played during 300 pounds, according to the Pueblo Chieftain

During a Tough Enough season, he managed to carve that physique to demeanour reduction like a football player’s and some-more like a wrestler’s.

Like so many prior WWE stars, he looks like something yanked from a Conan a Barbarian movie. That alone will get him a decent control during his time during developmental. WWE will be pulling for him to attain since a association is in need of large men.

As PWInsider’s Mike Johnson wrote of Bredl in his relapse of a show’s finale, “He’s accurately what WWE wants in their talents, generally during an epoch where a talents aren’t as large as prior generations were.”

Before perplexing to make it as a wrestler, Bredl was throwing a eyes of NFL scouts. Writing for National Football Post, Aaron Wilson noted that a defensive lineman “bench-pressed 225 pounds 30 times during a NFL Super Regional Combine.”

Viewers saw Bredl put that big, absolute physique to good use via Tough Enough. He flourished in a earthy competitions. When he and ZZ went during it in a ring, he looked like a burden sight as he bowled his enemy over:

To see him do so good whenever a existence uncover compulsory him to lift, pull or repress has to disturb WWE officials. 

His glamour is reduction impressive, nonetheless it’s not so deficient as to forestall him from creation it. In his Tough Enough audition video, he displayed flashes of his personality. He seemed worried in front of a camera, though.

That altered for a improved during a march of a show. 

Initially, he let other, incomparable personalities in a enemy dominate. Bredl solemnly found his voice and looked to be carrying some-more fun over time.

Other contestants outperformed him on a mic, as Mada did in their promo battle, nonetheless Bredl showed potential.

Having to pronounce with a British accent harm him in that scene. Still, this was a spirit of how constrained he can be if he sharpens his written skills. 

He seems to know that this is his biggest weakness, a many approaching reason for him to join Leavine on a list of winners who didn’t make it. In a recent interview with The Wrap, Bredl said, “You have to break out of your shell, differently we don’t shine.” 

Embracing this “Yeti” persona he put on in after episodes, Bredl started to do only that. If he can continue his progress, Bredl can go from a plan to a aspiring prospect.

The large masculine has some vital throwing adult to do in a ring as well.

During a finale, he battled Cesaro in a brief match. Standing conflicting The King of Swing, he certainly looked a partial in there:

As expected, his ring work is not nonetheless smooth. His movements didn’t demeanour natural. He seemed to be watchful around for a subsequent pierce during times. And while he clearly done an aspiring try to sell Cesaro’s offense, that partial of his diversion isn’t adult to tinge yet.

His behaving isn’t picturesque adequate right now. He didn’t sell that he was unequivocally harm in there in a same approach a masculine like Seth Rollins does each night. 

As ascending of a stand as Bredl has forward of him, a betting masculine would put his income on a latest masculine leader of Tough Enough to succeed. 

Former WWE author Kevin Eck, for one, believes Bredl has a shot. He wrote of a large masculine on his blog, “He has size, a good demeanour and seems to be a excellent athlete. More importantly, he showed a clever work ethic and desire.”

Those final dual equipment adult Bredl‘s chances of creation his approach to a WWE register during some indicate in a vital way. As exhausting a tour as it is from a WWE Performance Center to a categorical stage, he’s going to need both those traits in abundance. Being a savage of a masculine with a lineman’s footwork won’t hurt, either.

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