Kevin Owens’ Knee Injury Won’t Stop Hot Start to His WWE NXT Career

March 19, 2015 - WWE

Since creation his entrance in NXT, champion Kevin Owens has been one of a many mortal army in all of a WWE. Unfortunately for a champ, Bobby Melok of is stating that Owens “underwent a prejudiced meniscectomy for a knee damage late final week.”

After examination Owens blemish and scratch his approach adult a ranks on a eccentric stage and acquire his approach to a tip in NXT by creation an present impact, there is no doubt he will rebound behind from this damage improved than ever.

Ruthless and with no remorse, #KevinOwens stands high after #NXTTakeOver #KO #WWENetwork #FreeFreeFree

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When asked about how his knee is feeling and when he expects to be back, Owens told Melok:

I’m not a kind of chairman that lets things like this get in my way. I’m already walking around though crutches and doing earthy therapy during a WWE Performance Center. Now that I’m during a spin we am now, and with as most during interest as there is, we don’t consider it’s going to delayed me down. I’m on a approach back.

One of a categorical advantages Owens has in his bid not to let this damage cost him any movement is a fact that NXT tapes a shows in advance, that could concede him time to reanimate adult though blank many episodes. Even if he isn’t 100 percent for a subsequent tapings, a ability to revise footage and use vignettes will concede Owens to still be a force.

Even after being in NXT for usually a brief time, Owens is clearly a tip heel in a association and a feared wrestler. There is copiousness of fan support for a champion, though he is removing both certain and disastrous reactions from a crowd. Missing time will not means a fans to spin on his impression or desert their support for him.

If Owens is forced to skip a tapings while healing, he can still cut a promo and continue his storylines with No. 1 contender Finn Balor and Alex Riley by regulating his words. Allow him to anxiety a damage during his promos, and Owens will furnish calm that continues to make him demeanour like a inhuman heel. He is good on a mic.

Even when he is eventually privileged to contest once again, NXT should take it easy on him by solemnly returning him to full-blown action. Booking him to squish jobbers would make him demeanour clever and assistance him shake any ring decay that has developed.

Regardless of how prolonged Owens is out or if he misses any time on radio during all, there is no doubt that he will not remove a dump of a movement he has built given fasten NXT. The WWE didn’t build him to be this beast only to let it all trip away.


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