Kevin Owens Must Win during WWE Battleground 2015 to Validate Main Roster Run …

July 14, 2015 - WWE

Kevin Owens is headed for a third in a array of matches opposite John Cena during WWE‘s Battleground eventuality on Sunday, Jul 19.  While only being in a same ring with Cena has towering Owens to a categorical eventuality scene, he needs a win during Battleground to countenance his run.

Many fans are expected really concerned to see this compare go down, mostly since of a initial dual in a adversary so far.  Owens has brought his best on both occasions and valid since he belongs in a biggest pro wrestling association in a world.

Owens might not demeanour like a standard WWE Superstar in terms of physique, though he some-more than creates adult for it with power and ability in a ring.  He has left toe-to-toe with Cena and hold his own, positively earning a honour of fans that might not have been really informed with his work from a indie circuit.

Those days are behind him now, as Owens has truly arrived and warranted his mark on a categorical roster. But if he does a pursuit to Cena during Battleground, afterwards it might all be for nothing.

Nothing can kill a guy’s movement faster than a loss, and this is generally loyal for a newer star.  Owens has spent some time impressing fans and building his impression one week during a time.  Where Cena has had 13 years on a categorical roster, Owens has had dual months, so a detriment right now could potentially repairs him over repair.

Much of a disastrous hype surrounding Cena over a years is that feuding with him eventually leads to nowhere for many talents.  Ryback and Rusev are only dual new examples of guys who looked good opposite Cena and had moments to gleam though in a end, they could not get a pursuit done.

While any male is operative to keep removing better, they arguably did not advantage in a prolonged run from carrying feuded with Cena.  If WWE is truly meddlesome in relocating forward, this trend will have to change during some point, and there’s no reason since it should not occur during Battleground.

A detriment on Cena‘s partial does not meant he’s finished as WWE‘s tip star, and it does not meant he will go on a losing strain anytime soon.  But doing a pursuit to Owens is a right pierce here since Owens needs a win formed on a work he’s put in so far.

He came from out of nowhere, he took a categorical register by storm, and he became a speak of a wrestling world.  Fifteen years in a attention led him to a impulse he initial confronted Cena in a ring, and his work opposite WWE‘s tip man led him to a tip turn he’s ever seen.

He finished a fans take notice, he finished them caring and he finished them remember him.  If all of that was not meant to build his foundation, to strengthen his career and forge his categorical register character, afterwards since was any of it finished to start with?

Was Owens built to be fed to Cena, to be another plant of WWE‘s primary moneymaker in a adversary that could have wowed though instead finished in a whimper?  

Cena is all business and if losing to Owens is trustworthy and essential from a storyline perspective, afterwards he would positively go along with a idea.  Cena might still be a tip star, though he is not a destiny of WWE and Owens is.

Owens is a half-step divided from being a company’s tip heel, and holding a United States Championship from Cena during Battleground could really good indurate that position.  It’s partial of his healthy expansion and will supplement another certain on his immature WWE career.

All of a work to get Owens over can't have been in vain.  If he loses during Battleground, a initial doubt asked will roughly positively be “what was all this for?”  Owens’ destiny starts now, and Battleground is a must-win for him if that destiny is to get off to a right start.


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