Kevin Owens vs. Ryback: Winner and Reaction from WWE Hell in a Cell 2015

October 26, 2015 - WWE

In his initial pay-per-view pretension invulnerability given winning a WWE Intercontinental Championship during Night of Champions, Kevin Owens defended his pretension opposite Ryback on Sunday night during Hell in a Cell.

Owens finished off Ryback with a Pop Up Powerbomb, per WWE:

WWE common a print of Owens with his IC belt after a win: 

WWE fable Jim Ross suspicion a finale was strong: 

WWE Universe supposing a few of a compare highlights from both sides:

Owens primarily kick Ryback for a pretension during Night of Champions via astray strategy as he raked Ryback’s eyes. The Big Guy has been in office of a championship ever since, yet Owens has found ways to keep a tag around his waist.

After intentionally being counted out in a rematch on SmackDown, Owens was forced to face a song during Hell in a Cell opposite one of a many physically commanding total WWE has ever seen.

At a same time, Owens has enjoyed conspicuous success given signing with a company. Not usually did he win a NXT championship shortly after his debut, yet he also degraded John Cena in his initial compare on a categorical roster.

The Canadian Superstar unsuccessful to constraint a United States Championship and went on a bit of a losing streak, yet he managed to spin things around by winning a IC pretension and hasn’t looked behind since.

Owens is famous as one of a best rabble talkers in wrestling, that is what creates him an effective heel. Ryback has left on a descent in that regard, though, by holding shots such as this one on Twitter:

Never one to behind down from a written ring session, Owens has struck behind and continued to ridicule Ryback for his faith on self-help book The Secret:

The tragedy finally spilled over during Hell in a Cell in a conflict for one of a many prestigious championships in a story of sports entertainment.

Held by a likes of Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock and many other legends of a business in a past, the IC title was once a stepping mill to a categorical eventuality stage and a universe championship.

Both Owens and Ryback are perplexing to enter that class, yet they contingency initial rouse a Intercontinental Championship to a turn it formerly occupied.

Cena has managed to do that with a United States title, and a increasing importance on a IC pretension has been encouraging.

There is still copiousness of work to do; however, gripping a championship in Owens’ possession is a many effective approach to make it meaningful.

Owens has all a makings of a destiny star in WWE, and many observers seem to trust that he’ll go on to win a WWE World Heavyweight Championship eventually. If that comes to fruition, his run with a intercontinental pretension could be a matter that restores status to a belt.

WWE finally seems to be relocating in a right instruction when it comes to the delegate championships, yet it contingency continue to emanate engaging angles to safeguard that fans are invested.


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