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December 8, 2014 - WWE

Ironically, we had a singular night divided from veteran wrestling Saturday when we was operative a informal MMA uncover doing a post-fight interviews, and we got a content that former WWE star CM Punk has sealed a multi-fight understanding with UFC.

If this were 1996, it would be a homogeneous of a tip star in WWE going to a rival, WCW.

According to Vince McMahon in his comments on a Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast, WWE doesn’t demeanour during other wrestling shows like TNA or ROH as competition. WWE looks during a association as being in foe with everybody on television. This is rather constant since while WWE does have a wrestling ring as a categorical stage, it presents an party product that puts it in a broader category.

Despite this philosophy, UFC and a genre of enclosure fighting mostly get compared to WWE. Even on your radio beam OnDemand menu, you’ll find WWE and UFC mostly in a same menu. It’s earthy quarrel with a hint of climax and entertainment. UFC competence not have fixed outcomes, though it positively borrows from a party aspects WWE has proven successful.

Punk has been a prohibited subject all year with his walking out, that I’ve lonesome in past columns and new comments that suggested his side of a story per his problems with WWE.

Punk fasten UFC is a large deal. Like him or not, he’s going to squeeze headlines. we will do whatever we have to do to watch Punk’s initial UFC fight. That’s a indicate for UFC. It has my attention.

Personally, I’d find it engaging if Punk was beaten fast since it would be a initial genuine display of being humbled. It would be a opposite position to see him in and see how he responds.

He’s always so certain of himself otherwise. Rightfully so until now, Punk is a good performer in veteran wrestling/sports entertainment. He lives adult to a billing of “best in a world.â€�

He stands clever on his beliefs of how wrestling should or shouldn’t be. He stands clever on his reasons for walking out on WWE. To partial of a throng that includes me, he’s done himself a heel. We’re watching, and he’s prepared to infer us wrong. To his constant followers, they can’t wait to see him succeed.

Bottom line, we’re all interested. we wish to see how Punk does.

we can daydream both epic disaster and headlining success for Punk in UFC. Both seem possible. He has a clever training ordain that will usually get improved now that he has a quarrel and idea to work toward. You can also hypothetically consternation or doubt how good he’ll unequivocally do in a quarrel where there won’t be any cues of “it’s time to go home to a finish.â€�

I’m meddlesome and will watch. we entirely design if we had to gamble on his initial few fights that he will win. UFC boss Dana White isn’t a reticent man. He will put Punk adult opposite guys with identical experience, that is to contend guys who also haven’t proven most in a UFC. It’s a satisfactory and intelligent thing to do.

UFC will wish Punk to win and get on a roll. It’s like a aged Mike Tyson effect. More fights, some-more pay-per-views buys to make money, and a bandwagon grows. You build to people wanting to see Punk in a marquee fight.

we can’t find many scenarios of this being good for WWE. It no longer can monetize on Punk’s name a approach it used to when he was a vital actor on a programming. Right or wrong, Punk has a call of certainty and self-righteousness that usually will grow if he grows his star energy in UFC in legitimate combat.

If Punk succeeds in UFC, he won’t be there forever. It’s always easier to make income fighting in a fixed quarrel than a genuine one. Just ask Brock Lesnar. He’ll eventually have a event for one some-more compare or run in WWE. The physique is some-more passive of a docile WWE report where a physicality can be tranquil contra enclosure fighting. If he comes off good success in UFC, a precedence is in Punk’s favor.

No matter what side of a blockade you’re on, it’s going to make for an engaging 2015 in a genre of sports party with WWE and UFC.

Justin LaBar is a staff author for Trib Total Media. He can be reached during 412-320-7949 or

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