Latest News and Rumors Surrounding WWE 2K15 for Oct 20

October 20, 2014 - WWE

Glimpses of gameplay and downloadable calm prominence a latest WWE 2K15 buzz.

With a current-gen version’s recover date sketch nearby (Oct. 28 in North America, Oct. 31 for general markets), fans had a array of chances to see some-more of what a arriving video diversion looks like in action. That is interjection to a “making of” video, a new blurb and a shave of The Wyatt Family prowling toward a ring. 

Details about WWE 2K15‘s DLC have emerged as well.

Fans of Lex Luger, WCW and Honky Tonk male will be anxious to hear of all a game’s accessible extras. The diversion promises to be some-more than only a outing into yesteryear, though.

Developers guarantee that a array has undergone a vital change with WWE 2K15.


A New ‘Making of’ Video

IGN posted a second video that takes fans behind a scenes of a initial WWE video diversion on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Besides a overwhelming shot of Adrian Neville and Cesaro doing motion-capture work, a biggest takeaway is 2K’s truth for a game.

The developers talked about how they looked to residence the pacing, upsurge and buildup of matches.

The diversion will be some-more of a make-believe and have a reduction of an arcade feel in that way. Wrestlers go by a feeling-out routine to start bouts before commencement to spike any other with signature moves.

Other changes embody some-more cinematic angles and any wrestler personification some-more like themselves. So that means personification as Sami Zayn will be a distant opposite knowledge from personification as Big E. As it should be.

Hopefully, 2K’s accomplishes a ambitions. Their idea of creation a video diversion some-more like a product on TV is a worthy-but-difficult one.


Additional Peeks

In due time, 2K will positively recover clips of Superstars’ entrances aplenty, yet for now The Wyatt Family get a spotlight alone.

A demeanour during both The Wyatt Family’s opening as a contingent and Luke Harper and Erick Rowan’s opening as a tab group shows off a game’s courtesy to detail. The audience’s dungeon phones intense in a dim is a good touch.

In addition, a new WWE 2K15 ad posted on revealed a small some-more gameplay.

As John Cena quotes a Dylan Thomas poem, fans can see Chris Jericho strike his Lionsault, The Undertaker diving over a tip wire and Cena requesting a STF. Everything looks excellent.

That’s not a surprise. The pierce to next-gen consoles and 2K creation a game’s visuals a priority has constructed a strong vast game.

Will a gameplay and abyss compare a looks? The vast volume of DLC will positively assistance in that department.


DLC Info

If a diversion itself doesn’t offer adequate in a approach of playable characters and modes, a DLC has we covered. Per, fans can squeeze several reward packs or save on income and buy a Season Pass.

The Season Pass includes present entrance to all unlockable calm and a ability to play as Paige.

The New Moves Pack is comprised of more than 30 new moves including an swap chronicle of Sister Abigail and Cesaro’s mixed tummy wrenches.

There will also be 3 bonus 2K Showcase packs. One centers around Randy Orton and Christian’s rivalry, another highlights Mark Henry’s rivals and a third a possibility to play by Ultimate Warrior’s career.

Each Showcase container offers entrance to new arenas and wrestlers. The WCW and NXT Arrival packs give folks even some-more options in terms of Superstars.

If one were to squeeze a Season Pass, all of the following Superstars will accelerate a game’s roster:

  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley
  • The Honky Tonk Man
  • Rick Rude
  • Macho King
  • Col. Mustafa
  • Edge
  • Bam Bam Bigelow
  • Fit Finlay
  • Diamond Dallas Page
  • Lex Luger
  • Lord Steven Regal
  • JBL
  • Adam Rose
  • The Ascension
  • Emma

That’s utterly a different list.

Edge had formerly settled on Twitter that he didn’t know that he was in a game. That led to conjecture about if he’d be left out. 

Seeing Rude, Honky Tonk Man and Luger all in a diversion is going to be a sentimental knowledge for many fans. The doubt of possibly CM Punk will be fasten them still hasn’t been entirely answered.


CM Punk Note

As GameSpot reported in September, Punk’s authorised group was intent with WWE “to settle a operation of disputes, including his probable dismissal in a arriving game champion.” Punk, though, is pivotal to a game, as he is a partial of one of a 2K Showcase rivalries. 

A new talk with a WWE 2K15 cover child doesn’t accurately transparent adult a situation.

When asked about Punk’s inclusion in a game, Cena told Fighting Spirit Magazine (h/t Wrestle Zone) “Whether he’s here or not, he’s positively left a symbol in WWE. He’s got to be in a game, and it’s cold that that impulse is not forgotten.”

That’s all true, yet it’s not a “He’s really in a game, authorised issues or not” that fans are looking for. Thanks to no decisive word possibly way, rumors about Punk being pulled will expected insist until a recover date comes.

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