Latest News and Rumors Surrounding ‘WWE 2K15’ for Sept. 15

September 15, 2014 - WWE

Information about WWE 2K15 continues to come in slivers, yet there are some sum to get pumped about.

Notes on gameplay improvements pleasantness of a folks during The Games Dungeon paint a design of a sleeker, some-more true-to-life game. Counteracting that good news is word that CM Punk’s attorneys are in talks with WWE, and a thought of him not being in a diversion during all has been brought up.

In other news on a arriving WWE game, the digital chronicle might not be accessible for all consoles, a Hulkamania collector’s book is offered well, and a blurb is in a works.

Gameplay footage stays scarce. When Seth Rollins playedWWE 2K15 demo at GameStop Expo, he remarkable that he hasn’t seen what he looks like in a game.

Neither have we, Seth. Neither have we.


Info on Digital Versions

One expects a graphics to be distant better, yet there might be an additional reason that a next-gen book of WWE 2K15 will be some-more desirable.

2K village manager Jared Rea recently noted on a 2K Sports central forums, “WWE 2K15 will be accessible digitally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, no date set on when it’ll be accessible for a digital pre-order. We’ll make an proclamation as shortly as it happens for sure.”

It’s startling that a month and a half divided from a earthy game’s recover date there hasn’t been a date set for a digital counterpart.

The some-more engaging note, though, is a fact that Rea didn’t plead a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 editions being accessible digitally. That could usually be a outcome of him forgetful to plead them, or it could meant that current-game players will be forced to buy a front rather than download a game.


Update on CM Punk Situation

A outrageous doubt as a recover date approaches is if Punk will still be a featured partial of WWE 2K15. As of now, his adversary with John Cena is one of dual rivalries that make adult a 2K Showcase mode.

His authorised group might change that, however.

According to Gamespot’s Rob Crossley, “Legal member for pro-wrestler CM Punk are intent with WWE officials to settle a operation of disputes, including his probable dismissal in a arriving game.” The news also records that there has been no lawsuit filed during this point. There have usually been discussions so far.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required) (h/t formerly reported that Punk’s lawyers had sent a extensive minute to WWE per royalties.

Working out a royalties understanding with Punk would have been manageable. Plucking him out of a diversion would be an complete mess. The 2K Showcase mode would be cut in half if he had to be removed.

Developers have to be anticipating that a outcome of this authorised conditions isn’t as extreme as that.


Hulkamania Edition Update

As WWE Games tweeted, Hulk Hogan is finally finished signing a autographed cards that will be a partial of a Hulkmania collector’s edition:

Getting one’s hands on that special boxed set, sealed collectible label and all, won’t be easy going forward. According to a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc), a Hulkamania book is sole out in a U.S.

In addition, Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that it is now saying clever sales in Europe. That means American fans who still wish a Hulkster-themed book will have to possibly call adult their friends in Europe or hunt for it on eBay.

That’s good news for WWE and 2K yet bad news for wavering Hulkamaniacs who didn’t already pre-order.


Hands-On Experience 

The people during The Games Dungeon posted a YouTube video detailing their knowledge playing an early build of WWE 2K15. In it, they plead changes to gameplay including strikes, stamina and animations.

One of a biggest takeaways from this shave is a speak of a diversion being some-more of a simulation. The movement is apparently closer to what one sees on WWE TV any week.

That’s something that several other reviewers have pronounced so far, that is positively exciting. A some-more realistic, some-more accurate diversion will be a acquire sight.

The Games Dungeon group also covers a fact that strikes are a bit slower than in prior games. It sounds as if one can’t usually go into a compare and punch his approach to a win.

In general, one needs to be some-more discreet and have a some-more thought-out strategy. How one grapples or brawls will severely impact a stamina bar and exhausting that leads a wrestler to being a wheezing, infirm target.

A good further is combined pinning animations.

The guys during The Games Dungeon raved about wrestlers crawling to make a pin. It apparently even includes sum like a wrestler putting an arm over his opponent’s chest as we see in so many matches. That will supplement to a play of bouts in a game. 

One disastrous fact to emerge from this video is that not tackling a charging finisher might be too easy. As a Games Dungeon folks note, though, that might be bound once a diversion is released.


WWE 2K15 Commercial Coming

An ad for a diversion appears to be on a way.

So far, a Sting-centered commercial is a usually central WWE 2K15 trailer out. WWE Games has tweeted images of an ad in progress:

Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns demeanour to be featured in a arriving spot. As cold as saying The Eater of Worlds floating down a lagoon will be, what fans will be some-more meddlesome in is some-more gameplay footage.

From what a initial reviewers have said, it sounds like 2K Sports done good strides in a WWE 2K series. Even but Punk kneeing people in a face, it promises to be fun aplenty. 

It would usually be good to have some-more visible samples of it to savor.

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