Letting Brock Lesnar Leave Is Among a Ways a WWE Can Cut Costs

August 3, 2017 - WWE

WWE is looking to cut costs after a unsatisfactory initial half of 2017.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

According to Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t WrestlingInc), new cutbacks on pyro during live events as good as a cancellation of mixed WWE Network shows is a start of a vital renovate after a company’s increase were reduce than approaching during Q1 and Q2:

Dave Meltzer settled on a latest part of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE ‘promised everyone’ they were going to have bigger increase in 2017 than they had in 2016 and they’re not anywhere close.”

Meltzer remarkable a following about WWE’s severe start to 2017:

So final year’s increase were about $30 million. And this year we’re about median by and — we don’t have a accurate numbers in front of me – yet it’s like 5 or 6 million, that means there’s a lot of throwing adult to do.”

In a second entertain gain report, WWE boasted that “Live Event and Network segments achieved their top quarterly income in Company history” on a approach to a association record of $214.6 million in income for a quarter. But even yet income was impressive, WWE fell distant brief of a altogether expectations, and now, a association reportedly will be creation some vital changes in sequence to get closer to that desired $30 million mark.

And here are 5 ways WWE could cut costs to make adult a difference.

The End Of Brand-Specific Pay-Per-Views

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

During his coming on WOR, Meltzer remarkable that WWE’s stream pay-per-view schedule, that facilities dual brand-exclusive PPVs per month 8 months out of a year, isn’t producing a formula WWE wants:

The one thing that we have schooled is that a dual pay-per-views a month, that has not helped. The Network series is not flourishing a approach they approaching it to so that’s been a bad situation. But we don’t consider they wish to dump one of a pay-per-views since we consider that would harm ratings a small bit.”

As noted, a finish of WWE’s brand-exclusive PPVs could eventually infer to be unpropitious to TV ratings, that competence forestall WWE from creation such a extreme move. But a additional costs incurred with a prolongation of dual monthly PPVs (as against to one) isn’t improving WWE Network subscriptions adequate to clear them. In fact, according to WWE Corporate, a normal WWE Network subscriber count is approaching to drop by 2% in Q3, that isn’t startling given that brand-exclusive PPVs don’t seem to be working.

Two recent SmackDown pay-per-views, Battleground and Backlash, both struggled with bad attendance, that is maybe a approach outcome of skinny post-brand separate rosters forcing names like Jinder Mahal into a categorical eventuality and unwell to pull in fans a approach dual-branded shows, with some-more star power, presumably would. This could force WWE to cut behind on a series of brand-specific PPVs, if not discharge them altogether.

Talent Layoffs

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Although WWE hasn’t finished this as most in new years, a association was once barbarous for a “spring cleaning” period, during that a series of talents were expelled during or around a same time.

Take, for example, Apr 22, 2010 when WWE “future endeavored” 7 superstars shortly after WrestleMania, including Shelton Benjamin and Mickie James. Another instance is Jun 12, 2014, when WWE cut 11 performers, including stream WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, stream NXT star Drew McIntyre and current Raw star Curt Hawkins, for a accumulation of opposite reasons yet essentially as a cost-cutting measure.

The same hapless predestine could distortion forward for a series of midcard and lower-tier superstars in NXT and on a categorical roster. Essentially, anyone who doesn’t consistently seem on TV could be in danger as WWE looks to work a approach adult when retooling a register in sequence to coincide with any serve bill cuts.

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