Luke Harper Is a Best Old-School Big Man in WWE

December 3, 2014 - WWE

Luke Harper is rising as a dermatitis star in WWE.  The former complicated for Bray Wyatt has left his family roots behind and has now ventured into a relations different of singles success in a company. Fans expected did not know what to design when a Wyatt house split, nor did they know what would turn of Harper.

But so far, so good for a 6’5″, 275-pound Superstar.  The male mostly compared by fans to Bruiser Brody is fast creation a name for himself in WWE and is commencement to see some lapse on his earthy investment in a ring.  Indeed, Harper is a best old-school large male now operative for Vince McMahon.

WWE has historically always been a land of giants.  From Andre to The Big Show to The Undertaker and Kane, a association has mostly featured physically commanding monsters that use energy and distance to browbeat each foe in their path.

Superstars like Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart during one time had to quarrel to mangle a picture that WWE had put onward for so many years, and once they did, they became a new norm. Suddenly fans seemed to caring some-more about a technical bravery of a guys in a ring, rather than their status and ability to explode everybody else.


WWE had apparently undergone a large change in philosophy, and it was one that continued from a 1990’s adult to a benefaction era.

But now there is some-more of a brew than ever before, a lapse to inflection for a large male in WWE.  And a best instance of that is Harper, who is branch heads and impressing fans probably each time he’s in a ring.

The primary reason for that is a fact that Harper’s work in a ring does not customarily engage a standard energy diversion that fans are accustomed to saying from a large men. Harper is some-more of a brawler, a smash-mouth hardcore animal who is some-more deceit and divergent than he is absolute and intimidating.  

Harper might use those collection to his advantage, though when it comes to his move-set in a ring, he seems calm with sport his foe like his subsequent dish rather than display off his strength. Much of that beliefs expected comes from Wyatt, who led both Harper and Erick Rowan down a trail of drop as The Wyatt Family.

Indeed, most of Harper’s impression is still rarely contemplative of Wyatt, and a picture that he worked underneath for so prolonged in WWE.  Harper is fundamentally still that creepy backwoods stalker, usually now he’s handling though a personality to beam him.


But a law is he unequivocally doesn’t need one.

Harper is not a approbation male that maybe some other large guys in heel factions have been in a past. He is holding a impression that was innate underneath Wyatt, and he is directly translating that to singles competition, creation it fit in among other Superstars around him.  

Harper might be a rudderless large male now, though that has not stopped him from moving.

When he became aligned with The Authority, Harper almost immediately became a Intercontinental champion.  Suddenly, Wyatt’s former footman had found success on his own, and now there seems to be no interlude him.

That is maybe a best partial about Harper as a singles wrestler right now; there is probably no approach of meaningful usually how distant he can go and usually how most he can do.  That is sparkling for fans that have always noticed Harper in a context of The Wyatt Family, an sourroundings that was informed and rather predicted all during a same time.

Harper behaving alone now is a really intriguing awaiting and one that positively seems to have prisoner a fans’ attention.

With Kane now being used really sparingly in a ring and Big Show’s career expected usually durability maybe a integrate some-more years, a law is that a time is now for Harper.  This is a best time for him to emerge as WWE’s best new large male and so far, he is doing a excellent pursuit of it.

He might not demeanour like a standard veteran wrestler. And he might not be a streamlined, greatly jaunty technician that fans are used to saying in WWE. But he is a reversion to a old-school epoch of large group in a industry.  He is a male who uses his distance and strength to get over primarily though who afterwards relies on his no-holds-barred combative to win a match.

He is a ominous figure in a ring who reminds fans of usually how punishing and how heartless a business can be when in a hands of a brawler.  Harper can browbeat in WWE, and he will do it as a best old-school large male that a association has.

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