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November 24, 2015 - WWE

Source: Talk Is Jericho

On partial 197 of Talk Is Jericho, WWE’s Luke Harper talked about his beard, roughly giving adult on his dream of apropos a WWE Superstar, removing put with Bray Wyatt in a Wyatt Family, and removing called adult to a categorical register after a successful run in NXT, among other things.

Harper settled that did not have to grow a brave for his WWE impression given he already had it.

“I had it already and we collate it to being fat: it’s not formidable to do – we only kind of give adult on life. This is what happens! And it only happens to assistance me with my career now! And my mother doesn’t mind it. It’s a win-win.”

Apparently, Harper roughly gave adult on his WWE aspirations when he was 31 years old, as many talents are sealed by their 20s and he suspicion WWE was looking past him during that point. Moreover, Harper worked as an additional for WWE on as many as 19 opposite occasions though removing signed.

“Two days after we had my child in Jan [2011], [I] got called by Johnny Ace [former WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Operations, John Laurinaitis]. And a other best partial about that is that we missed his call since we was in a hospital, so he left a message, his [telephone] series cuts out.” Harper continued, “so [I] now called Claudio Castagnoli [WWE’s Cesaro] to [say], ‘please tell me we have Johnny Ace’s number’ and he said, ‘yeah, here it is right here.'”

Harper pronounced he got his mangle with WWE since Cesaro, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose all vouched for Harper to afterwards FCW tutor Joey Mercury.

“I was told again [WWE] were looking for guys over 6 [foot] whatever that could work. And so Claudio Castagnoli was down there, Tyler Black who is now Seth Rollins, and Jon Moxley who is Dean Ambrose, kind of all were tighten to Joey and said, ‘hey, there’s a child out there that’, we use a term, ‘kid’, loosely, ‘there’s a man out there who can work and is high and whatever and no one [has] ever called him.'”

Prior to removing his large mangle with WWE, Harper worked as a librarian.

“I was a librarian in a city school. That is correct.” Harper added, “I kind of got bending adult by a family member who kind of had a tie and we practical and took a polite use Test and all this things and kind of got in. we was indeed a screw of a content books and stuff, though we helped in a library.”

Harper claimed that he worked on a indie stage as Brodie Lee before being renamed in WWE. Harper got a Brodie Lee name due to his fandom of a film Mallrats, and similarity to actor Jason Lee, who played lead character, Brodie Bruce, in a film. Harper forked out that he looks strikingly identical to Lee in his pass photograph.

“It is indeed from Mallrats. Yeah, Jason Lee’s [character’s] name is Brodie. we adore Mallrats. we adore all Kevin Smith movies.”

According to Harper, his mother is a fan of a name Brodie as good and a integrate even named their son Brodie.

“I didn’t wish to name him Brodie, though my mother was unrelenting that we do. we was like, ‘ugh, we can’t do that! we don’t wish to be a mark!” Harper continued, “we kind of done a understanding if WWE hires me, we can’t use a name ever again, [so] let’s give it to [our son].”

Harper pronounced that he was initial put in hold with Wyatt by Cesaro and Joey Mercury suggested Harper to go with it. From there, Dusty Rhodes told them to cut promos together and helped them with vignettes.

“Even before, when we had sealed my contract, we called Claudio and told him, so he tells me, he’s like, ‘oh, speak to this guy’ and he puts Windham [Rotunda], Bray Wyatt, on a phone and he’s only talking, like, ‘oh yeah, we got this spot, blah, blah, blah’ and we hang adult a phone and we go, ‘what a hell? What is he articulate about?’ So Joey’s like, ‘trust me. This is a ideal mark for you.'”

Jericho indicated that Wyatt was picking his mind and showed him a vignettes and Jericho immediately sent them to Vince McMahon. Harper pronounced that a vignettes were shot with no bill and that snippets from those strange vignettes are still used today.

“It was literally me and Dusty and a man named Jeff, a lighting man down in NXT who is awesome.”

On a theme of removing called adult to a categorical roster, Harper settled that Wyatt has some suspicion of what was going on before Triple H told them.

“At one of a NXT tapings, Hunter only said, ‘hey, we wish to speak to we 3 [Wyatt, Rowan, and Harper]’ and Windham had kind of stooged it off saying, ‘hey, I’ve listened some things. we don’t wish to put it out there, though we consider we’re opening adult as a whole.'” Harper added, “so we’re in a behind parking lot of Full Sail [University] and he said, ‘today, we wish to move we adult as a group.'”

Harper pronounced that a lantern in opening was Triple H’s idea, as Wyatt was to lead a organisation by a darkness.

“Hunter gave us that opening with a lantern. Yeah, he kind of suspicion of all that. Yeah, since it was all partial of a deal. we don’t know if it was in a vignettes or not, maybe unresolved from something, though that was partial of a deal.”

As for Harper’s early interactions with McMahon, Harper pronounced his initial genuine communication with McMahon came during a finish of a Wyatt Family contra Usos tab group compare during a pay-per-view event.

“My initial genuine one was, we started doing a Uso argument like maybe a year into a thing. And we don’t know if it was a dual out of 3 falls compare or a one before during a Money In The Bank [pay-per-view], where we killed it.” Harper continued, “and we came to a behind and he stood adult and he hugged any one of us and he goes, ‘you go to that locker room and we tell these motherf–kers to follow that!'”

In further to these topics, Harper discussed removing yelled during by McMahon for not vocalization with a southern accent, his ladder compare contra Dolph Ziggler, and a intensity of Braun Strowman. To check out a whole podcast, click here.

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