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August 9, 2015 - WWE

With a infancy of WWE‘s stream register consisting of Superstars whose televised debuts have come in a final 5 years, there are few holdouts left from a Attitude Era. Among them is Mark Henry, who is still really most partial of a active register even after 19 years with a company.

The initial 15 years of his WWE reign were spent floundering in a undercard, and when he was pushed toward a top, he always fell brief of winning “the large one.”

That altered in 2011, when he was given a round and ran with it, opening a Hall of Pain and embarking on a biggest run of his career.

As one of a best built monsters in years, he dominated a SmackDown theatre as universe heavyweight champion for a improved partial of 2011. However, his time as a categorical eventer was cut brief due to an damage suffered that December, and he was never again looked during as a legitimate hazard to a categorical eventuality design from that indicate forward.

Henry contended for a prestigious esteem on arise in a years that followed, though his radio time had been mostly curtailed. Aside from a ephemeral module with John Cena in 2013, he has meandered in a midcard as of late, constantly flipping behind and onward between being a babyface and heel.

His discerning and wilful detriment to Rusev on a Aug 3 book of Raw radically solidified him as an encouragement talent, an ill-fitting purpose for The World’s Strongest Man.


It’s no tip that Henry is intensely injury-prone, carrying been sidelined with no fewer than half a dozen injuries in a final 10 years. WWE might see this as a pointer that he can’t be pushed during any turn with a continual risk of him removing hurt.

With that said, he doesn’t merit to be during “jobber” standing during this theatre in his career, generally given his prolonged list of certification as a competitor.

At a really least, a win over a former universe champion should feel meaningful, though it’s instead treated like an afterthought.

The stream stand of encouragement talent in WWE includes a likes of Heath Slater, Fandango, Zack Ryder and Bo Dallas. None of a aforementioned names have come tighten to accomplishing what Henry has, that is because he should be distant above them in a pecking order.

Although his wrestling skills have never been stellar, he’s still able of contesting a endurable match, regardless of who his competition is. His matches opposite Superstars such as Sheamus, Ryback and Roman Reigns so distant in 2015 are primary examples that he can reason his possess inside in a squared round even now.

As for his articulate ability, demeanour no serve than his critically acclaimed promo on a Jun 17, 2013 book of Raw during that he pretentious retirement. It was among a biggest moments that year had to offer and showed he could still perform during a high level.

So, because rubbish him? Any up-and-coming star can advantage simply from being in a ring with him deliberation the immense volume of believe and knowledge he has after scarcely dual decades in a business.

At a age of 44, it’s transparent Henry doesn’t have many in-ring years left in him. Wrestle Zone’s Mike Killam reported back in a summer of 2013 that he had sealed on for another 3 years, though that doesn’t indispensably meant he has to be an active member of a register until 2016.

Thus, a backstage purpose as an representative would fit him perfectly.

It’d be an alleviation over him being thrown out on TV to remove an insignificant compare or winning a pointless tab group compare that doesn’t do anything to boost his credit or that of his partners or opponents.

With WrestleMania 32 emanating from his local Texas subsequent spring, there’d be no improved venue during that to hang adult his boots for good. He has been open in observant he’s been considering (legitimate) retirement for some time now, and it’d be a good sendoff for a seasoned maestro after so many years of service.

Regardless of what his destiny holds, it’s high time WWE non-stop a eyes and started appreciating Henry for a singular talent he is.

While he should by no means be chasing a universe pretension so late in his run, WWE contingency find a stabler mark for him on a label that doesn’t see him being employed as a saved “job guy” any week.


Graham Mirmina, aka Graham “GSM” Matthews, is a broadcasting vital at Endicott College. Visit his website, Next Era Wrestling, and “like” his official Facebook page to continue a conversation on all things wrestling.

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