Mojo Rawley, Uhaa Nation and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

April 23, 2015 - WWE

NXT visitor Uhaa Nation appears to be assured yet realistic. He knows that he is not only going to travel into NXT and rocket to a tip as he did during other promotions.

The jaunty hustler has work to do, and he welcomes it.

In an talk with, Nation said of his biggest weakness, “Definitely operative on my mic work, talking. I’m not a best. we didn’t get to do a lot of it on a indies. But as distant as learning, I’m diversion for anything, and I’m only going to soak adult any volume of believe we can get.” 

He’s right. While a charming, amiable guy, he’s still tender as a mic worker. It’s his earthy gifts that warranted him his shot with NXT. 

The written partial of his diversion will improve, though. Nation will have good trainers around him and copiousness of chances to learn.

When he sharpens that skill, he’s going to be a vital force. He seems to know that as well. Later in that talk he said, “Just demeanour out. I’m not holding anything back. I’m here for a prolonged run.”

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