Neville Latest Example of WWE’s Inability to Book NXT Call-Ups

October 10, 2015 - WWE

As good as a Superstar competence do in NXT, a jury is always out on either they’ll find identical success on Raw and SmackDown. Neville has been no difference to a order given his call-up to a categorical register progressing this year.

After a three-year army in NXT that saw him spin a initial male to power as both NXT Tag Team champion and NXT champion, he done his rarely expected Raw entrance one night private from WrestleMania 31, violence Curtis Axel in wilful fashion.

From there, Neville went on to rivet in a adversary with King Barrett, whom he degraded during both a Extreme Rules and Payback pay-per-views. He’s also had clever showings opposite a likes of John Cena, Seth Rollins and Sheamus in several championship matches.

Lately, he’s been during contingency with Stardust, though a module clearly jumped a shark after SummerSlam. The dual have simply been trade victories in singles and tab group movement for no genuine reason.

Through it all, WWE hasn’t found most of a instruction for him. Despite his extensive talent, he’s been relegated to a lower-midcard and is no longer a permanent tie on Raw.


Neville isn’t a initial NXT call-up to wave on a categorical roster, however. He’s usually a latest instance of WWE’s apparent inability to scrupulously book a biggest and brightest stars to come out of their possess developmental territory.

Bo Dallas, a associate former NXT champion who arrived on Raw shortly following WrestleMania 30, was in line for a large pull on Monday nights. He embarked on an undefeated strain for tighten to dual months and built a fan following for himself, though his detriment to R-Truth on a Jul 28 Raw cut his movement short.

In a final year-and-a-half, Dallas has had to call WWE Superstars his home. Officials haven’t utterly figured out how to use him, except all a accolades he achieved before apropos a full-time categorical register member.

Adam Rose was another tip awaiting unfailing to make a dash on Raw before his pull was abruptly cut short. Never given a possibility to entirely strength out his impression before withdrawal NXT, he’s been toiling divided in a undercard for a improved partial of a past year and has usually depressed serve down a ladder as time has passed.

Even Emma, who headlined a initial NXT Arrival eventuality with Paige in Feb 2014, was squandered on nearing on a categorical roster. She’s thankfully revived her career with a heel spin in NXT, but she hasn’t been seen on a flagship uncover in ages.

That’s not to contend all wish was mislaid for Neville when he debuted in WWE. NXT alumni such as Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Paige and Kevin Owens have all found success given graduating from a brand, though WWE’s regulation for creation stars apparently hasn’t worked for each up-and-comer.

With so most to offer, The Man That Gravity Forgot doesn’t merit to be requisitioned like an encouragement talent on a weekly basis. Quick, purify waste to a likes of Sheamus and King Barrett are unacceptable.

WWE will need to do something extreme to change a notice of Neville in a eyes of a infrequent viewers as a saved “loser.” Looking good in better is a partial of a puzzle, though he needs to build movement before he can be taken severely again.

Of course, this isn’t even holding into care a new stand of ladies from NXT who perceived a call-up to Raw and have been mislaid in a shuffle. More than anything else, WWE needs to remember what done these characters special in NXT in a initial place.

What this competence meant for a destiny of NXT stays to be seen, though if a approach WWE has rubbed Neville so distant has been any indication, we can usually wish that they learn from their mistakes and not tumble into a settlement of under-utilizing NXT talent once they make a pierce to Raw.


Graham Mirmina, aka Graham “GSM” Matthews, is a broadcasting vital at Endicott College. Visit his website, Next Era Wrestling, and “like” his official Facebook page to continue a conversation on all things wrestling.

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