Neville Reportedly Quits WWE: How This Could Lead To A Cruiserweight Mutiny

October 12, 2017 - WWE

Neville reportedly walked out on WWE before to Raw after training he was set to remove a non-title compare to polarizing cruiserweight champion Enzo Amore.


Neville reportedly quit WWE after tragedy over booking.

Neville’s apparent exit is strikingly identical to a sudden departures of Steve Austin in 2002 and CM Punk in 2014.

Neville, who had tweeted his disdain with his new merchandise, was clearly fed adult with a association notwithstanding doing his best work as a cruiserweight in an differently underwhelming division.

As a struggling cruiserweights boyant along on a behind of Amore, it’s satisfactory to consternation either some-more of them will start to try their options elsewhere.

Given how frustrating it contingency be to work in a pell-mell sourroundings where skeleton change on a moment’s notice—this has privately been brought adult as a point of disappointment by Sasha Banks—Neville’s actions are understandable. Still, for all a bad press Enzo gets for being “annoying,” and demonstrating prima donna function backstage, it’s utterly mocking that a talent like Neville, hold adult as a reputable workhorse in contrast, whines about his sell and stormed out a notation he listened an thought he didn’t like.

Enzo Amore has been saddled with extensive promos clearly designed to execute him as annoying, biased beatdowns from Braun Strowman and a open mauling by a whole cruiserweight division. Not usually did he do it all in stride, he has turn an even bigger star in annoy of it.

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