New Cruiserweight Champion, Paige and Top WWE News from Week of Sep 17

September 17, 2016 - WWE

The WWE register has been jarred adult utterly a bit in new weeks. Several new champions have been crowned, and a cruiserweight multiplication is about to flog off on Raw following a finals of a Cruiserweight Classic.

Let’s go by some of a bigger stories from a past week.


New Cruiserweight Champion

The finals of a WWE Cruiserweight Classic featured T.J. Perkins defeating Kota Ibushi and Gran Metalik to win a contest and spin a initial cruiserweight champion of a New Era.

Triple H introduced a new pretension before a final hitch of a contest took place, with a fans in assemblage going nuts when he denounced a belt to a world.

According to, Perkins will be assimilated by Brian Kendrick, Rich Swann, Gran Metalik, Cedric Alexander, Noam Dar and Lince Dorado when a multiplication launches on Raw on Sept. 19.

Perkins was an loser collect during a commencement of a tournament. Most had Ibushi or Zack Sabre Jr. pegged to win a whole thing, so it was good to be astounded for once.


New SmackDown Champions

Raw competence have crowned a new cruiserweight champion, though SmackDown saw 3 titles find new homes during Backlash.

Becky Lynch degraded 5 other competitors to spin a new women’s champion, Rhyno and Heath Slater won a tab titles and AJ Styles bested Dean Ambrose to win his initial WWE belt.

The usually chairman to travel into Backlash with a pretension and leave with his power total was The Miz, origination him a longest reigning singles champion on a entire roster.

The blue code is being jarred adult by these new champions, and with Kevin Owens being concept champion on Raw, WWE is committed to pulling a new era of Superstars.


First Look during Cody Rhodes in Arrow

Cody Rhodes has been gripping himself bustling in his post-WWE career. Not usually has he been going around checking names off his list of dream opponents, though he is also expanding his behaving career.

Rhodes will seem in a new deteriorate of Arrow alongside his one-time SummerSlam opponent, Stephen Amell, and only like in a WWE ring, it doesn’t demeanour like they are on a same side.

The trailer featured above shows Rhodes during a 37-second symbol slamming Amell‘s Oliver Queen into a wall by his throat.

Other than a fact he will be shirtless, we don’t know most about a purpose Rhodes will be playing. He could be someone from a comics or a totally strange origination for a show.

Either way, it will be fun to watch Rhodes and Amell block off one some-more time. If his guest coming is well-received, it’s always probable it could spin into a repeated role.


Finn Balor Provides Return Update

WWE has expelled a video with Finn Balor articulate about his shoulder damage and a calendar for his lapse to a ring.

The former concept champion says he is 5 months divided from being behind in action, that would give him a possibility to lapse in time for WrestleMania 33.

Balor suffered a ripped labrum during his compare with Seth Rollins during SummerSlam after being powerbombed into a barricade.

The Demon King will expected accept a rematch for a pretension he never mislaid when he returns, and given Kevin Owens now binds a Universal Championship, he competence have a event to recover a pretension from a same male he degraded for a NXT Championship.

Let’s wish Balor‘s liberation goes good and that he doesn’t pull himself to come behind earlier than his physique will allow.


Paige Issues Statement

Paige has been a prohibited subject of contention ever given she was suspended along with her genuine boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio, on Aug. 18, according to also announced Del Rio’s departure from a association on Sept. 9, and many insincere Paige would also be withdrawal given a dual are in a relationship.

Paige has debunked these rumors by releasing a matter on Instagram and observant a rumors of her withdrawal are “completely false.”

This is good news for her legions of fans, as she is still deliberate one of a tip names in a women’s division. She competence have been overshadowed a bit by a likes of Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Lynch, though she has a proven lane record and a vast following.

What do we consider will happen? Will WWE put Paige behind into a hunt for a pretension or will it make her acquire her approach behind to a top?


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