New Report Speculates What Might Happen if Shinsuke Nakamura Fails His WWE Medical Testing

February 9, 2016 - WWE


As noted, Shinsuke Nakamura reported to a WWE Performance Center final week, and was also in Pittsburgh to bear compulsory WWE medical testing. There is no word during this time as to how a Performance Center revisit and/or a medical contrast went, though we should know some-more information in a nearby future.

With regards to what competence occur with Nakamura should he destroy a compulsory medical testing, is speculating he will be brought in to work a announced NXT Takeover Dallas compare opposite Sami Zayn and remove a bout.

It should be remarkable that WWE has had talents destroy a compulsory medical contrast in a past, and dual important names are Willie Mack and Nigel McGuinness. Nothing is 100% in WWE until a ink is sealed on a contract, though a feeling is that WWE officials contingency be flattering assured that Shinsuke Nakamura will pass his tests or a association would not have already announced his hitch during NXT Takeover Dallas.

Nakamura has nonetheless to pierce to a United States, and expected will not pierce henceforth until he is strictly sealed by WWE.

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