News On When WWE Decided To Make Dean Ambrose Champion, Roman Reigns’ Wellness Policy Violation

June 23, 2016 - WWE

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE posted a video above this afternoon looking during a WWE Championship triple hazard compare during Battleground featuring Dean Ambrose fortifying a pretension opposite Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. It really appears as if WWE has no goal of changing a categorical event, notwithstanding Reigns being incompetent to seem on any radio until a eventuality due to his 30 day cessation for his initial violation of a WWE’s Wellness Policy.

As noted, WWE apparently knew of Reigns’ unsuccessful exam before final Sunday’s WWE Money In The Bank match, where Reigns forsaken a pretension to Dean Ambrose. Dave Meltzer reported in a latest emanate of The Wrestling Observer that a preference for Ambrose to win a pretension “was a late change,” nonetheless it’s misleading if it was due to a defilement or only a coincidence.

Roman Reigns Suspension Changes Weekend WWE Live Events, Dean Ambrose Pulling Double Duty?

Meltzer also remarkable that Reigns’ defilement was recent, and that some people knew of a disaster by late final week. There have been times in a past where a association would accept a unsuccessful drug exam and would wait weeks, or even months, to announce and act on them. In a new interview we conducted with Scott Hall, he suggested that WWE dangling him for a 6 week aged drug exam after he gave them notice that he was withdrawal for WCW.

“I didn’t get dangling [by WWE] until we gave my notice,” Hall said. “I got dangling on a drug exam that was 6 weeks old. You customarily get a formula in a integrate of days. All of a remarkable we give my notice and they go retro. I’m during a uncover where we have to work twice on a mark uncover in Jersey, since Shawn [Michaels] and Kevin [Nash] aren’t there since a moody delay. An representative comes in and says we need to call a alloy about a formula of my drug test. we call a alloy and his mother says he’s not home. we go behind and start removing dressed and Tony Garea asks me what I’m doing. we told him we had to combat twice and we had to get dressed. He told me they wanted me to leave a building. Then we pronounced ‘So we know a formula before we do, and this sequence of authority is bulls–t? we haven’t listened anything, maybe he’s revelation me we have cancer? What’s up?’ we was sitting subsequent to Taker and we remember him observant ‘Why don’t they only pull him out a door?'”

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