Nia Jax As Raw Champion Is The Next Step For WWE’s Women’s Revolution

December 25, 2016 - WWE

Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks’ evidence took women’s wrestling to new heights. They surpassed what Trish Stratus and Lita achieved when their evidence surfaced out as a categorical eventuality of Raw in 2004, though there’s still some-more new belligerent to mangle as it pertains to women’s wrestling.


Allowing Nia Jax to rise to a pretension would finish a Women’s Revolution.

Not given a likes of Bertha Faye and Bull Nakano in a midst 1990s has a WWE had a full-figured women’s champion. Nia Jax has all a products to lift a Raw Women’s title.

Ever given a Diva epoch began in a WWE, a stereotypical-diva-body form has ruled a women’s pretension scene. You could make a evidence that Superstars such as Chyna and Jacqueline rather pennyless a mold, though it’s been over 20 years given we’ve seen a lady of Nia Jax’s status carrying a gold.

When Nakano and Faye hold a titles a women’s multiplication wasn’t even a fragment of what it is today. Having Nia Jax as a champion would make a some-more poignant statement: even women who don’t fit a normal figure compared with a old Divas multiplication can achieve.

Jax is as extreme of a participation as anyone a WWE women’s multiplication has seen since Kharma. Her moveset fits her persona, and all about her is pristine heel.

This doesn’t meant that Jax isn’t beautiful. To a contrary, a 32-year-old Hawaiian had a career as a indication before entrance to a WWE. There’s most to try with her character, though a WWE contingency mangle divided from a bent to use Superstars who are incomparable in status as small stepping stones for popular faces.

Banks is already set to conflict Jax in her subsequent feud. It seems apparent a lady who emerges winning from a evidence would afterwards set their sights on a Raw Women’s title. Why shouldn’t that be Jax?

Even if Bayley somehow takes Charlotte’s title, is Jax not a good successor?

Is she a finished product as a finish sports entertainer? No, though no one in a women’s division–besides Charlotte and Alexa Bliss–are both good on a mic and in a ring. The fact is: Jax is only as prepared to take core theatre as Sasha, Bayley or Becky Lynch.

She only needs a event to shine.


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