NXT Is Outdoing WWE in Terms of Maximizing Championship Reigns

January 13, 2015 - WWE

When NXT puts a championship around a wrestler’s waist, it builds adult that performer, jettisoning him or her forward. There is no such guarantee with WWE‘s titles.

The developmental bend scrupulously harnessing a energy of a wrestler being champion is usually one of a ways it is outclassing a large brother.

There’s something upside down about a teenager leagues providing the blueprint for a majors, yet WWE fans have to be used to that by now. While WWE‘s preference mostly leave fans scratching their heads, NXT recalls a simpler, some-more judicious time in wrestling history.

That many positively relates to how it handles a pretension reigns. 

At NXT, champs are given time to make their mark, equivocate pang non-title waste and urge their titles often. WWE titleholders, meanwhile, have to conflict a engagement group usually as mostly as they take on tangible challengers. 


Limiting Losses

NXT champions don’t have to bear a weight of non-title waste a approach their main-roster brethren do. Wrestlers carrying around a tab of leather and bullion should be on a prohibited streak, attack one of a high points of their career.

Too mostly on a categorical roster, though, WWE officials ask their champs to remove in non-title action.

That can usually make a titleholders demeanour weak. It doesn’t assistance a title’s status either. 

Compare Paige’s second run as Divas champ to her time holding parsimonious to a NXT Women’s Championship, courtesy of CageMatch.net. After knocking off AJ Lee during SummerSlam, Paige didn’t go on a tear; she wasn’t finished to demeanour unstoppable.

Instead, she forsaken her initial dual matches, descending to Natalya on a Aug. 18 book of Raw and a SmackDown that aired on Aug. 22.

It’s not as if those waste led to a good adversary either. They usually served as a approach to kill Paige’s movement usually as shortly as she got her name placed on her newly won title.

NXT treated her differently. 

In over 300 days as NXT champ, Paige had no non-title waste in one-on-one contests. As Divas champ for usually 35 days, meanwhile, she mislaid twice in that form of bout.

It’s not startling afterwards that her run as NXT champ aided her career more. That was when she truly emerged as a predator who assigned a tip of a food chain, that she valid herself to be a badass in boots. Conversely, it’s tough to even remember Paige’s second Divas pretension reign.

Paige’s conditions was no outlier either. The disproportion in Nikki Bella and Charlotte’s pretension reigns creates it seem like they are existent in dual opposite universes.

Nikki, who is closing in on dual months as champ, already has dual uninterrupted waste in singles matches and 3 defeats in tag bouts on her record, per CageMatch.net. So distant given winning a belt, she is usually 5-5.

Charlotte’s power is doing improved to make her demeanour formidable. She has usually one singles detriment given winning a title, per ProFightDB.com. That came against Natalya on a Dec. 8 book of Raw. Including that reversal and tab group matches, Charlotte has a 14-4 record to gloat about.

Why one champ has a .500 winning commission and another boasts a .778 one is tough to understand.

As a result, Nikki feels like she hasn’t distant herself from her peers, while Charlotte feels like an unstoppable force during Full Sail University. Should Nikki remove a belt, it won’t be startling or even all that entertaining. Losing, during this point, is hackneyed for her.

Besting Charlotte, though, will feel like a many some-more poignant feat, something defeating a champion should always be.


Sustained Reigns

The Ascension might demeanour like buffoons now pleasantness of WWE altering their gimmick and seeking them to trash-talk The Road Warriors, yet as NXT tab champs, they were a patrol that seemed chaste during times.

A partial of that is how widespread they were in a ring. How prolonged they kept a tab titles played a large partial in that as well.

Putting a final 4 NXT tab champs and a final 4 WWE teams to reason a bullion (not including a stream titleholders) sheds some light on given The Ascension benefited from their reigns some-more than Damien Mizdow and The Miz, for example.

Length of Recent WWE/NXT Tag Team Championship Reigns

Length of Reign (in days)
The Ascension
The Usos
Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey
Adrian Neville and Corey Graves
Goldust and Stardust
The Wyatt Family
Damien Mizdow and The Miz
The New Age Outlaws

Source: CageMatch.net

Those NXT duos reason onto their titles for a sum of 588 days, with an normal 147 power between a 4 of them. The WWE teams’ reigns supplement adult to 337 days and normal out to 84.25 days. That’s even with The Usos carrying a extensive time with a titles.

The Usos‘ time on tip is when a WWE tab belts felt a many changed out of those reigns listed above.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were a many barbarians during a embankment who The Usos gathering off. In a process, Jimmy and Jey looked many like The Ascension, like a good team.

It’s going to be easier to forget that Miz and Mizdow were ever champs or that The New Age Outlaws went on an astonishing pretension run after popping behind adult on a scene. They are usually blips on WWE‘s timeline.

NXT has given a champions time to reason their belts, time to be remembered in that role.

Adrian Neville recently wrapped adult a power that stretched on for scarcely 300 days, per WWE.com. Both Charlotte and Paige had prolonged turns in a NXT women’s throne.

On a categorical roster, meanwhile, The Miz lost a Intercontinental Championship usually one night after winning it from Dolph Ziggler during Night of Champions. A year before that, Daniel Bryan had his WWE pretension run finish after usually a day when Triple H nude him of a belt, citing a quick count from a curved referee.

NXT doesn’t go for a inexpensive disturb of a hot-potato pretension change. That has led to pretension changes, when they do occur, being some-more moving, some-more significant. 


Numerous Quality Title Defenses

The contrariety in how WWE and NXT have rubbed their No. 1 pretension in a past few months is stunning.

Neville was a workhorse, a fighting champion and a champion who grew during his reign. Brock Lesnar, on a other hand, has been a spook of a champ.

After defeating Bo Dallas during NXT Arrival, Neville went on to urge a championship nine times, per CageMatch.net.

That was about one invulnerability per month. Lesnar has shielded a WWE pretension usually once during his reign, a disqualification loss during Night of Champions. That gives him one invulnerability each 5 months.

When Neville’s power was over, he was many improved off. Fighting a likes of Tyson Kidd, Sami Zayn and Brodus Clay towering fans’ notice of him. He was a soldier who gladly faced any challenger and won opposite them often. Being champ pushed and showcased him; a pretension power did a job.

We won’t be means to contend that with Lesnar.

Credit: WWE.com

Lesnar‘s time as champion has seen him emerge from a dark each so often, with really few tangible matches on his schedule. When he faces Seth Rollins and John Cena during a Royal Rumble, it will be his initial compare given September.

A series of superb matches powered Neville’s reign.

He and Kidd put on dual of a best bouts on NXT final year. His successful invulnerability during NXT Takeover: Fatal 4-Way desirous Justin James of PWTorch to write, “This is a best compare we have seen all year but anything tighten to competition.”

Neville’s final moments as champ were illusory as well. Thanks mostly to Neville’s detriment to Zayn during NXT Takeover: R Evolution, Grantland’s David Shoemaker called a eventuality “the best wrestling uncover of a year.”

Both of those bouts warranted their approach into a tip 5 when WWE.com listed the Top 25 matches of 2014.

Credit: WWE.com

Lesnar‘s power can't contest with Neville’s in that dialect given honestly Lesnar isn’t competing. Even before The Beast Incarnate snatched divided a WWE pretension during SummerSlam, though, Cena wasn’t fortifying during a rate that Neville did.

Per ProFightDB.com, Cena put adult a pretension usually twice during his reign, a final instance being when Lesnar ran over him like a steamroller.

While a NXT champ gets additional bearing and opportunities by fortifying on TV from time to time, it has turn increasingly singular that Raw facilities a WWE pretension bout. As for SmackDown, it’s been ages given we’ve see that uncover underline a challenger attempting to lift a tip belt off a champ. 

With how it books a champions and championships, NXT is display WWE how things should be done. It’s easier to get invested and be changed by a pretension bouts during Full Sail University. 

While NXT‘s awaiting should be examination a main-roster stars during work, looking for ways to obey them. Vince McMahon and Company need to pull impulse from their possess tributary system, a routine of crowning and uncrowning a champ a some-more discriminating routine during NXT.

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