NXT ‘TakeOver’ Preview: The Future of WWE Is All About a Past

February 12, 2015 - WWE

Rival is an good underline for this week’s NXT TakeOver show, as one of a many exhilarated rivalries in wrestling continues on a bigger stage.

Sami Zayn defends his NXT pretension on Wednesday night’s TakeOver opposite Kevin Owens. While it’s a initial time Zayn has ever faced Owens in NXT, their adversary – or, some-more specifically, a adversary between El Generico and Kevin Steen – raged via a nation for a improved partial of 3 years. Before their feud, Generico and Steen assimilated together in Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. For roughly 3 years, what started as an oddity pairing grown into one of a tip teams on a eccentric circuit, putting on no necessity of noted tab matches.

That all finished during ROH’s Final Battle 2009 when Steen incited on Generico. For all of 2010, a dual best friends became sour enemies. Their argument was a one consistent in Ring of Honor for a year, and won Wrestling Observer‘s Feud of a Year. While it essentially finished during Final Battle 2010, with Generico violence Steen to send him from a company, Steen would resurface in ROH 6 months later, and a dual would have several some-more matches in both ROH and PWG before Generico finally left to join WWE. The argument was on ice until finally Steen sealed with WWE over a summer, and finished his opening as Kevin Owens during (R)Evolution in December. Sami Zayn won a title, though was brutally pounded by his aged rival to finish a show.

So because is this critical to anyone besides those who followed a argument before they came to WWE? Because it illustrates a elemental disproportion between NXT and WWE. In Vince McMahon’s world, a story of a wrestler radically starts when they join a WWE. Sure, they competence make deceptive references to them wrestling for years usually to strech a company, like they did with Daniel Bryan. However, during no time would they discuss what that chairman did in a past. Daniel Bryan has faced a likes of Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Jamie Noble and Luke Harper, and not once has it been mentioned that they’ve been wrestling for years. Yet, in NXT, they liberally impute to a past. While they haven’t left into a details, they’ve talked about how Zayn and Owens teamed and fought together for years. It doesn’t usually come from a wrestlers either; a commentators and a prolongation group get into a act as well. Just take a demeanour during a superb promo video they ran during a finish of final week’s NXT:

Now, they don’t uncover cinema of a matches they’ve had in a past. That would be difficult, what with Sami Zayn carrying such a opposite gimmick now. But they do uncover cinema from a past with both of them in it, something that would never occur on a categorical roster. It’s not usually in this specific argument either. When Zayn started his argument with Adrian Neville, they kept referring to their past together. Same with a group of Finn Bálor and Hideo Itami. Yes, they make their possess story in NXT, though they use it to build on a past, rather than simply replacing it.

This isn’t new to wrestling. In a domain era, wrestlers mostly would keep their characters as they changed around a country, and if it was relevant, a new classification would anxiety their past. Sometimes, feuds could continue as wrestlers jumped from domain to territory, or even be carried out concurrently in several organizations. This is usually one of a many similarities NXT has to one of a aged territories, though it competence be a one that best shows Triple H’s prophesy of wrestling. We hear so mostly about how many honour H has for a story of a sport, so because should it be a warn that his baby not usually feels like a throwback, though respects a histories of a wrestlers in it?

This isn’t to contend that any argument has to be formed on a past. However, NXT is positively display that fans won’t be confused by infusing story into feuds, and it indeed enhances what’s shown in a ring. NXT is billed as a destiny of a company, though NXT TakeOver: Rival is really many built in a past. And that’s not a bad thing during all.

While Owens and Zayn is a categorical event, it’s positively not a usually thing NXT has in store for us. Finn Bálor and Adrian Neville will face any other for a right to turn Number One contender for a NXT title. While a conflict between a dual will positively be great, for those of we who missed a final TakeOverBálor’s opening and his “war paint” competence be a many expected partial of a match. Bálor was arguably a slightest important of a 3 indie stars who sealed over a summer (Bálor, Owens and Hideo Itami). He competence infer to be a biggest star in a WWE of those three, and Wednesday night could be a initial step.

When it comes to a women’s multiplication in NXT, so many of 2014 was dedicated towards a ascent of Charlotte, both in her arise adult a ranks to Women’s Champion and her growth as a wrestler. So it’s usually wise that 2015 kicks off with a pretension compare that sees her fortifying a tab opposite a 3 women she spent a many time traffic with in 2014: Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley. These 4 have been dancing around any other for about 4 months now, and a chemistry is positively there, so we can design nonetheless another good compare from a women of NXT. This compare should set a instruction for a whole year of a women’s division.

Some people were astounded that a Finn Bálor /Hideo Itami compare in a Number One contender’s contest wasn’t a final. However, a late further of Itami vs. Tyler Breeze to Rival creates things a small some-more clear. Breeze has been rather pushed aside with a additions of Owens, Balor and Itami. Putting him in this compare allows him to stay in a spotlight, and wouldn’t have been probable if a finals was Itami vs. Balor, given Breeze and Neville have fought so mostly over a past few months. It will be fascinating to see how their styles filigree in this match.

The new tab champions, Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy, will give a Lucha Dragons a rematch for a titles. Blake and Murphy clearly came out of nowhere to win a titles, as they had been used essentially as jobbers. They won their initial compare on shade opposite a Vaudevillains during a finish of January, and afterwards a week after they kick a Dragons for a title. It’s tough to contend accurately where they’re going with this team, as they’re rather general right now, generally when compared to a Dragons, Vaudevillains or a Realest Guys in a Room. However, there’s no doubt that they can wrestle, so their power should be engaging to watch, starting with their TakeOver match.

Finally, Baron Corbin and Bull Dempsey will blow off their argument in a No DQ match. With a squish matches these dual have had, we’ll see how many a No DQ chapter comes into play, and how prolonged they let a compare go. Corbin is on a arise in a association (he usually got his initial shirt), so we’ll see where he goes after he’s finished with a argument that revolved around 20-second matches.

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