One year after WWE departure, Cody Rhodes says he’s some-more like mythological father than he thought

May 26, 2017 - WWE

In a year given Cody Rhodes resolutely asked for his recover from WWE, he has logged thousands of miles. He has worked for promotions with general name approval such as Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling, though also informal groups such as Mr. Chainsaw Wrestling in Michigan or Professional Wrestling Xperience in North Carolina.

“I’m never home, though we pronounced if we locate myself complaining, I’m going to flog my possess donkey given this is what we asked for,” he told For The Win. “Cody is going to be a categorical eventuality on this night in Barnesville, Ga., and a night before in Manhattan, and we wish to know that we can do that. I’ve gotta know.”

If a tour is some-more critical than a destination, Rhodes says he has schooled one pivotal thing on this path, something that has brought him closer to a male he idolized, his late father “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

As he has given he set out on a eccentric pro wrestling circuit, Cody continues to kneel and lick a pad when he gets to a ring in reverence to his dad.

“I cruise a biggest thing I’ve gotten out of this is we schooled how many we wish to be like my dad,” he said. “For so long, we have attempted not to be my dad, given that doesn’t sell tickets. That doesn’t assistance – to be a repeat, a newness or a satire or a replication.

“Since he’s gone, we find myself in control of my possess business and being my possess boss. That’s where I’ve found that we am some-more like him than we ever realized. That’s been a fun thing to realize. Dusty was always his possess trainer even when he was in polka dots. It’s cold to feel him that way.”

Cody Rhodes (Photo: Ring of Honor)

Dusty Rhodes was a three-time universe champion – a pretension that has eluded Cody to this point. Cody was a two-time Intercontinental champion and multiple-time tab group champion in WWE, though not WWE champion.

Rhodes did have a universe pretension compare this month as one of 3 group – along with Jay Lethal and champion Christopher Daniels – in a Ring of Honor triple-threat universe pretension compare during a War of a Worlds pay-per-view. At a ROH radio tapings dual days later, he remarkable during a promo that a association competence not wish a universe champion to be a performer not engaged to Ring of Honor. That reflects a brew of storyline and reality.

“What a universe we would live in to put my sights on a Ring of Honor universe championship while we now don’t work for Ring of Honor full time,” he told For The Win before a tapings in Philadelphia. “I’m still very, unequivocally many freelance. They know my word is unequivocally good. But generally after War of a Worlds, we cruise my sights are set on that some-more than ever.”

So about his skeleton in Ring of Honor? Rhodes recently pronounced that he was looking to delayed down and settle in with one company. The arrogance is that would be Ring of Honor, that also would concede him to work with New Japan, given a attribute between a dual companies.

Rhodes will be operative New Japan’s initial shows in a United States on Jul 1-2 in Long Beach, Calif. The initial IWGP United States heavyweight championship will be dynamic during those events. Rhodes pronounced he is requisitioned for a shows though does not know in what capacity.

Though he demurred a bit on his enterprise to settle down, a large spirit came when he stressed a attribute he has built with The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), who are a ROH tab group champions and work frequently for New Japan.

“I cruise we spoke a small too shortly when we pronounced we was going to delayed down and wanted to find a sold home,” Rhodes said. “It all kind of depends. It’s not a financial thing. It’s kinda whatever feels right. we have found some areas that unequivocally feel right. It’s a matter of gripping them and being partial of a team. It’s fun to fly by and be a one-night guy. It’s also fun to join a new family.

“I will contend it would be tough for me to do anything though The Young Bucks. They did not have to accept me as they did, though it’s been full blown acceptance. They didn’t know a damn thing about me. Kevin Owens told them we was a cold guy. They are Matt and Nick Rhodes and we wish I’m Cody Jackson. They have done this life unequivocally easy for me and this transition.

“Currently, that’s who I’m signing with … I’m signing with The Young Bucks.”

In response, Matt Jackson joked: “We accept!”

If a vigilant in stepping divided from WWE was to get behind to his wrestling roots and infer to himself and a fans that he could put on constrained matches though being saddled with a facepaint and bodysuits of his Stardust persona in WWE, cruise Year One a success.

“I have been impossibly lucky,” he said. “I feel like all a guys we have been interconnected with they all have a accurate same thought – they wish to put on a best maestro wrestling muster and rival wrestling compare that we can see that night in that town.

“As we get to a year, I’ve never had a bad knowledge with a chairman I’m operative or a fans I’ve been operative in front of, and that is all that matters to me.”

Will Ospreay (Photo: Oli Sandler, Ring of Honor)


This week outlines a anniversary of a most-debated compare of 2016, one that led to a wide-ranging review about what defines maestro wrestling. Wrestling legends, stream performers and fans were buzzing in a issue of Will Ospreay’s May 2016 hitch opposite Ricochet during a Best of a Super Juniors in Japan. The compare featured never-before-seen moves and was complicated on acrobatics.

A year later, Ospreay straightforwardly admits many fans in a United States know him from that match. He says he thinks it was among a reasons that Ring of Honor sealed him 7 months ago.

“I’m astounded it lifted so many eyebrows,” he told For a Win. “But we cruise people wanted to have that review about what is maestro wrestling.

“I feel like there’s a lot of people who have supposed that wrestling has altered and it needs to evolve. Then, there’s a lot of people like Van Vader and Jim Cornette that have problems with it evolving. They don’t like what we do and they don’t cruise it maestro wrestling, and they’re acquire to that opinion.

“To an extent, we don’t trust what we do is maestro wrestling, and I’ll happily acknowledge that.”

Which begs a question: How does Ospreay, a 24-year-old from England famous as “the Aerial Assassin,” tag his vocation?

“I cruise it an art form,” he said. “I cruise a beauty and athleticism of all that we do as art. Wrestling is an art. we don’t demeanour during genocide compare wrestling and contend that’s not wrestling. we don’t demeanour during technical wrestling and contend that’s not wrestling. Sure, in a genuine fight, I’d be going in fists flying, full guns blazing, though all is opposite in wrestling.

“I align it to movies. we don’t go to a film and not suffer it given certain aspects aren’t real. we go to into it and contend that I’m open-minded. I’m a Spiderman of maestro wrestling. Everything that we can do, a superhero Spiderman would be out to do. we try to do whatever we can to scheme myself out of a conditions and regulating a sourroundings to change a game.”

Despite all a debate that followed – or maybe given of it — Ospreay won a Super Juniors final year and is now in Japan to urge his title. Only one performer has won a eventuality in uninterrupted years: Tiger Mask in 2004 and ’05. Through a initial 6 days of a three-week event, Ospreay is tied atop Block A.

“Last year we had no thought what we was removing into,” Ospreay said. “Now we have some-more than an thought of it. The fact that we went in totally blind and we still won it, now we have a full advantage given we know what’s going to happen. we have faced 6 of a other 7 guys in and we have a diversion devise going into all of a matches.”

Will Ospreay (left) wrestles opposite Bobby Fish (Photo: Oli Sandler, Ring of Honor)

Before his depart for Japan, Ospreay was partial of another Twitter debate when he responded to a twitter from maestro wrestler Rip Rogers about how eccentric wrestling follows a same regulation with too many spots that are for uncover rather than revelation a story. Rogers described it as “flippy floppy sequence, dive, strike everybody with any other’s finishers, afterwards Humpty Dumpty we all tumble down.” Rogers’ twitter led to a response from WWE star Randy Orton that set off a eccentric wrestling community.

“These veterans hatred me, we don’t know why,” Ospreay pronounced with a slight shrug. “But we determine with Rip Rogers 100%. Wrestling has turn a same old, same old. But demeanour during myself and Jay White (at War of a Worlds). It followed that flippy floppy, Humpty Dumpty formula, though demeanour during that throng reaction. It’s what they enterprise and what they want.

“If it’s creation income for Ring of Honor, if it’s creation income for myself and my family and interesting thousands on thousands of fans, what’s wrong with it? we do have so many honour for Rip Rogers. we have honour for everybody who wants to impugn my work. Please do. But I’m not a bashful person. we do punch back.”


  • The tip bouts are set for a SmackDown-brand Money in a Bank pay-per-view on Jun 18. Jinder Mahal defends a WWE championship opposite former champion Randy Orton and a Money in a Bank ladder compare with Kevin Owens, A.J. Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler. Presumably, Noami will urge a SmackDown women’s pretension opposite a leader of subsequent week’s deadly five-way rejecting hitch with Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Carmella, Tamina and Natalya.
  • The RAW-brand Extreme Rules pay-per-view is Jun 4, with WWE wanting a large Monday Night RAW to assistance boost interest. With a deadly five-way compare as a categorical eventuality during Extreme Rules, a 5 group will span off in dual apart matches Monday: Bray Wyatt, Samoa Joe and Finn Balor are in one hitch and former Shield members Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are in a other.
  • Ring of Honor universe champion Christopher Daniels will chuck out a initial representation before a Chicago White Sox diversion Sunday. ROH hosts “Windy City Excellence” on Jun 3.

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