Paige VanZant Hints At Possible Future In WWE

December 20, 2016 - WWE

In a bit of news that will positively get a wrestling mud sheets and gossip indent rolling, UFC star Paige VanZant had some really engaging things to contend in a new interview with Maxim. This isn’t a 1st time VanZant has been related to WWE.

Could Paige VanZant have her sights set on a WWE run in a future? (Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images)

During a interview, which we can find online here, VanZant was directly asked about a rumors from progressing this year that suggested VanZant would be operative with WWE, in some capacity, during SummerSlam and was asked if she would be appearing with WWE in a future.

Check out a following from the interview:

Maxim: “There have been reports observant that we were requisitioned for SummerSlam before pulling out. Do we see yourself appearing during a WWE eventuality in a future?”
VanZant: “The WWE is an extraordinary organization. I’m a UFC warrior right now, though my destiny has no limits. Can’t wait to see what we accomplish next. “

Maxim: “Are we a wrestling fan? Any favorite wrestlers?”
VanZant: “I am a outrageous wrestling fan. we would contend The Rock is my favorite chairman to watch for apparent reasons.”

While it is no transparent denote on either or not VanZant will be operative with WWE in a future, VanZant’s comments will still stir adult copiousness of review in a future.

VanZant is immature and her recognition is flourishing rapidly. WWE would be correct to follow her during some point, when they legally can, since VanZant could be a outrageous “get” for a sports party empire.

With rumors of Ronda Rousey and WWE operative together still going clever (for years now), a dream unfolding for WWE would be to have dual of a UFC’s many renouned womanlike fighters one-day behaving underneath a WWE umbrella.

A series of face-offs involving VanZant would rouse a women’s multiplication and now make VanZant a categorical eventuality star in WWE. Thoughts of battling Sasha Banks, Charlotte, or even (if a stars aligned) Ronda Rousey would be WrestleMania estimable and outrageous income creation matches for WWE to book.

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