Post SummerSlam WWE SmackDown: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview

August 22, 2017 - WWE


Frustration will inundate a initial WWE SmackDown after SummerSlam.

Sunday’s pay-per-view left a series of the blue brand’s Superstars with lost championships or opportunities to bemoan. Naomi and The New Day both left a eventuality titleless after gut-punch defeats. Kevin Owens again has a legitimate dispute about a officiating in a United States pretension match.

And inexpensive division got in a approach of Shinsuke Nakamura’s WWE Championship dreams.

WWE’s fourth night in a quarrel during a Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, will see all those grapplers hunt for answers, payback or rematches. With SmackDown’s subsequent PPV not entrance until Oct. 8, a association has copiousness of time to dwell on SummerSlam’s aftermath.

Will SmackDown get some new additions to a roster? Which rivalries will continue past SummerSlam? 

Let’s dive into what’s brazen for Tuesday’s SmackDown, with a assistance of backstage news, storyline research and the SmackDown preview on before a uncover kicks off during 8 p.m. ET on USA Network.


News, Potential Spoilers

Shelton Benjamin might step onto a SmackDown theatre and immediately make a code some-more interesting.

The former intercontinental champ was ostensible to react the WWE final summer, yet a shoulder damage derailed those plans. Benjamin, though, is now healthy and reportedly an central partial of a roster.

Mike Johnson of wrote: “Benjamin has sealed a understanding to strictly lapse to WWE.”

A series of names from NXT could cocktail in during a Barclays Center, too. On Figure Four Online, Dave Meltzer noted: “There is a lot of speak about NXT call-ups and register changes over a subsequent few weeks.”

Meltzer also mentioned that The Authors of Pain’s manager was in SmackDown’s horde city. “Paul Ellering was still in New York final night rather than going home after a TakeOver show. The finish of a TakeOver compare done we consider AOP could be called up, nonetheless we don’t have that confirmed,” he wrote.

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TakeOver also non-stop a doorway for Bobby Roode to a categorical roster. He not usually mislaid a NXT Championship yet was immediately pushed out of a pretension spotlight interjection to Adam Cole’s entrance on Saturday. 

According to PWInsider (h/t Cageside Seats), Roode was backstage for Monday’s Raw. He didn’t seem on that show, yet there will be conjecture aplenty about him display his face on SmackDown.


SmackDown Streaks

After a back-and-forth widen during his argument with Owens, AJ Styles is now charging brazen with a brief winning streak.

The Phenomenal One degraded KO during SummerSlam to keep a U.S. Championship. He has won 3 uninterrupted matches, all of them pretension bouts, per

Hopefully, a diversion of prohibited potato with a tag is over and Styles will settle into a long, cultivatable reign.

Baron Corbin, on a other hand, can’t even get a 50-50 diagnosis these days. His detriment to John Cena during SummerSlam pushed his stream losing strain to 4 matches, per That includes a six-second improved to Mahal during a unsuccessful Money in a Bank cash-in. And his TV and PPV winning percentage for a year is a insignificant 28 percent.

It looks like he’s in a doghouse. Corbin is staid to slip out of his top midcard mark during this point, withdrawal an open space for another rising star.


SummerSlam Fallout

Owens’ greeting to his latest detriment is going to be a work of theater.

The former U.S. champ unsuccessful to recapture a U.S. pretension during SummerSlam. And he can put copiousness of a censure for that precisely on Shane McMahon. The SmackDown commissioner fell plant to a disharmony of a movement and was out of place several times.

Expect KO to blast McMahon, verbally, physically or both, as a argument between them gets rolling.

Naomi will enter SmackDown disappointed, as well. She forsaken a SmackDown Women’s Championship to Natalya after drumming out to a Sharpshooter. 

She’s certain to ask a rematch during some point. But she won’t be a usually one gunning for a gold. Carmella will be watchful in a wings with her Money in a Bank agreement in tow.

Tuesday night should give fans a good denote of where a women’s pretension stage is heading, if Naomi and Natalya’s argument will be a postulated one or if other challengers will step up.

The same goes for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship picture.

The Usos dethroned The New Day during SummerSlam in one of a night’s improved matches. That latest pretension change points to these teams’ issues with any other continuing. That’s good news for a peculiarity of SmackDown’s in-ring action, yet one has to consternation when Breezango will get another moment during a titles.

Nakamura is staid to direct a pretension shot of his own.

He seemed to have Jinder Mahal kick during their WWE Championship during SummerSlam. The Singh Brothers, though, got in a way.’s SmackDown preview teased Nakamura seeking payback: “Surely, The King of Strong Style will not let Mahal and The Singhs go quietly.”

That argument feels like it’s only begun. Nakamura vs. Mahal primarily felt like a pointless match, yet as time rolls on, things will grow some-more personal between them and their issues will deepen. That routine starts on Tuesday night in front of a throng that grew nervous several times over during Monday’s Raw.

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