Post-TLC WWE Raw Fails to Build on Storylines from a PPV

December 17, 2014 - WWE

The fibre of sluggish, uninspired editions of WWE Raw continued as a association did small with a movement that TLC created.

The pay-per-view had a possess flaws yet offering some intriguing plots to follow adult on. Instead, a night was abounding with rematches and filler. Raw unsuccessful to showcase a wrestlers who combined a many hum during TLC.

WWE clearly forgot a possess tradition. A pay-per-view provides a account trembler while a following Raw serves adult a aftershocks.

Fans in Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena watched on as a association stumbled to build on Dolph Ziggler, Nikki Bella and Bray Wyatt’s Sunday wins.


Nikki retained a Divas Championship opposite AJ Lee, who has hold that pretension longer than anyone in WWE history.

She did so by spraying a poser piece in her eyes. sole that conflict as a dangerous one, announcing that AJ “suffered a chemical conjunctivitis” and that association doctors helped her equivocate any long-term repairs to her vision.

By Monday’s Raw, that all seemed to be forgotten.

There was no refurbish on AJ’s condition, no teary-eyed talk where she talked about how immorality Nikki was. The champ didn’t exaggerate about a attack, either, as villains are famous to do.

Instead, Nikki was bustling losing in tab group action.

She teamed with her sister opposite Alicia Fox and Natalya. Brie tapped out to a Sharpshooter while Tyson Kidd tended to a depressed Nikki on a outside.


Moving brazen with a story that looks to engage Kidd and a sceptical Natalya is fine. It’s odd, though, that WWE didn’t make a bigger understanding about someone scarcely going blind a night before.

Earlier on Raw, WWE did an equally unimpressive pursuit in capitalizing on Ziggler‘s championship win.

Ziggler won back a Intercontinental Championship opposite Luke Harper during TLC. The association wants us to trust that a pretension is a large deal, yet afterwards it refuses to provide it as such.

The Showoff had no jubilee ceremony, no debate articulate adult his latest reign. Instead, he lost.

He and Erick Rowan fell to Big Show and Harper in a tab match. The IC champ (either Harper or Ziggler) has now mislaid 9 matches in a row, per CAGEMATCH.

Instead of anticipating a approach to continue Ziggler‘s movement on Monday night, WWE zeroed in on creation Big Show demeanour good. He delivered a knockout blow to Rowan to get a win and after stood adult to a returning Roman Reigns.

Ziggler, meanwhile, follows adult an outstanding, crowd-pleasing bid in a Ladder compare with a hitch where he surrenders a spotlight to Big Show.

The strangest pierce of a night, though, concerns Wyatt and Dean Ambrose. Fresh off winning a categorical eventuality of a pay-per-view for a initial time in his career, Wyatt got accurately 0 volume of shade time on Raw.

According to, Wyatt mislaid to Ambrose in a dim compare after a uncover went off a air. The folks during a Still Real to Me podcast common a print of a untelevised action:

Not giving Wyatt some-more courtesy decreases a stress of his win and TLC itself. WWE was bustling hyping a Royal Rumble rather than following adult with a pay-per-view that only ended. John Cena worked a final compare of a night and spoke in a opening segment.

Wyatt, on a other hand, sat on a bench.

This was a ideal event to sell The Eater of Worlds as a monster. WWE could have played adult how harm Ambrose was, how heartless of a conflict those dual had, that Wyatt emerged a victor. Instead, he didn’t even make it on a show.

Kane had a possibility to negate his TLC loss. Big Show got a win. Chris Jericho had some-more movement than Wyatt.

WWE fans indispensable scalp salve after Monday’s Raw. A lot of head-scratching certainly occurred while examination a temperate follow-up to TLC.

The association put a series of balls on tees during TLC, environment adult stories with potential, yet motionless simply not to pitch a bat during them.

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