Predictions for WWE Elimination Chamber

February 13, 2017 - WWE

The Elimination Chamber compare will be fascinating, mostly since we should have a clearer thought of what a WrestleMania 33 label competence demeanour like after Sunday night.

In one dilemma (pod?), we have 16-time World Champion John Cena, who usually only won a pretension a integrate weeks ago in a classical opposite A.J. Styles. It would be intolerable to see Cena remove a belt so quickly, though a six-man Elimination Chamber is maybe a toughest compare to urge your pretension in outward of a Rumble itself (see Reigns, Roman).

While it still seems too shortly for Baron Corbin, he’s turn a beast on SmackDown Live over a final few weeks and WWE clearly wants him to be a categorical eventuality actor for a prolonged time.

Styles, meanwhile, is a accord “best wrestler in WWE,” if not a world, and he has measureless fan support. Dean Ambrose is a fan favorite and has a intensity to turn a twin champion. The Miz is a best heel in a company, and fans have prolonged been wishing for Bray Wyatt to have vital success on a pay-per-view categorical eventuality turn (where is record is not great).

Each intensity champion could lead SmackDown and a WWE down a opposite engaging path, though we still can’t collect opposite Cena – unless The Undertaker appears to cost him a pretension and set adult a WrestleMania 33 superstar for a ages.

Pick: John Cena


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