Projecting and Booking Dean Ambrose’s Return to WWE TV

August 28, 2014 - WWE

As expected, Dean Ambrose was created off WWE radio final Monday in an elaborate damage angle during his compare with Seth Rollins.

In genuine life, a star is holding time divided to film WWE Studios’ new film Lockdown, an movement thriller set in a hurtful military hire (Variety has a sum here).

But only how do a writers intend to foster his lapse to programming when he eventually resurfaces?

Logically, his initial march of movement should be to benefit punish on Rollins. In a storyline, Rollins has betrayed, mocked and belittled Ambrose and is now obliged for a harmful injury.


Considering Ambrose’s haphazard on-screen personality, fans shouldn’t design him to announce his grand lapse beforehand. Most likely, he’ll only shockingly run in and conflict Rollins during some pointless backstage segment.

Who knows? He competence even censor in a automobile case and wait for a right time to conflict his foe, as he famously did during a Battleground pay-per-view final month.

Expect him to also go after Kane, who aided in final week’s infamous assault.

Ideally, WWE will book Ambrose and Rollins to argument for a integrate of months and afterwards finish adult by a finish of a year, before a adversary becomes stale.


Personally, I’d like to see Ambrose eventually win their program. Rollins has a Money in a Bank pretension shot to assistance him stay applicable and can substantially means a loss. Ambrose, meanwhile, substantially needs a clever win on pay-per-view to assistance settle his credibility.

Even when he does finish adult his module with Rollins, it would be good to see him continue to argument with The Authority. A module with Randy Orton sounds like a earnest idea—the dual have had plain matches together in a past, and it would be a uninformed rivalry. 

His reckless, anti-corporate persona is a ideal contrariety with a firm and conceited on-screen personalities of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Just like with Daniel Bryan before him, a McMahons could protest that Ambrose isn’t a genuine star. They could complain about his grubby, inexpensive garments and careless coming and contend he’s not fit to paint a corporate company.


This would also potentially position him as this era’s Steve Austin. He can be a crazy butt-kicking babyface who refuses to play by a manners and do what his irritating bosses tell him to do. Certainly, Ambrose has an heated earthy glamour and imperishable attract identical to Austin in his prime. It’s not a widen to contend he could have identical success.

Booked correctly, he could be massively over with a fans. Going by a WWE programming, a association has clearly positioned Roman Reigns as a Shield member unfailing to be a subsequent large babyface. But honestly, I’d disagree Ambrose has shown most some-more intensity over a final dual months.

Does WWE know what it has in him? We will have to wait until he earnings in a integrate of months to find out. But let’s wish it does—because he unequivocally is tremendous.

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