Projecting a WWE Futures of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

October 23, 2014 - WWE

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are dual Superstars on a arise in WWE.  While they seem to be totally different, they are identical in that they both certainly wish to minister to a association in a unequivocally large way.

They are perpetually related interjection to their time together in The Shield, maybe a many widespread coterie in association history.  And as they start their solo careers, many fans are seeking usually what a destiny binds for them.  

When a time came for The Hounds of Justice to go their apart ways, many fans expected began debating this emanate even then.  It was back on Jun 2 when Seth Rollins tricked his Shield teammates and left them for passed in a center of a ring on Raw.

That night saw a male referred to as a Architect of The Shield explode his origination with a whole universe watching.  While it was unequivocally surprising, it was certainly not all that unexpected.  The Shield had to end, and it had to come from within.

The 3 Superstars never corroborated down from any hazard put in front of them, and they cowed scarcely everybody who dared to conflict them.  They ran by WWE like a exile burden sight for roughly dual years and did so with both impression and aggression.


The contingent was in control during all times, and no one could wish to even delayed them down.  The usually fathomable approach for them to finish was due to inner strife.  That struggle began with Rollins, and now all 3 group are headed in apart directions.

For Ambrose and Reigns, however, their roads will expected perpetually be intertwined.  But because is that exactly?

Ambrose’s career is unequivocally holding off right now.  The Lunatic Fringe has been receiving some-more and some-more spotlight recently and has now turn one of a frequently featured performers in Vince McMahon’s company.  

Every week brings a crazier event, a some-more violent impulse in a ongoing tale of Ambrose.  He is so indeterminate and so weird during times that no one can unequivocally know what’s in his head.  Ambrose is in his possess small world, and in that world, he’s a usually one who truly knows what he’s doing.  

He is such a healthy on a mic and is so during home in front of a camera.  He was innate to be a WWE Superstar.

Ambrose is indeterminate and unhinged, that creates him a enthralling character.  He is also unequivocally good in a ring, that creates him a force to be reckoned with in a locker room.  Ambrose has all a collection required to attain in a unequivocally large way.

Reigns is of march out of movement right now, though before he left, he was believed by many to be a subsequent tip guy.  Heir apparent to John Cena is not a pretension that has been claimed by many immature stars, though Reigns is one male who maybe should squeeze it and run with it.

Reigns is a quintessential WWE Superstar.  He’s big, physically absolute and unequivocally intense.  He has an intensely commercial demeanour and has a extraction of a Anoa’i family behind him.  The Rock has paved a approach for Reigns, and it could unequivocally good be that one day fans are articulate about a former Shield strongman in a same exhale as his electrifying cousin.

Reigns’ ability in a ring might not be on standard with that of Ambrose, though he has arguably softened given debuting on a categorical roster.  In a association full of gifted workers, Reigns had many opportunities to not usually demeanour good though also urge during a same time.


But given he was forced out of action due to surgery, Reigns has no longer been a prohibited subject of discussion—Ambrose has. Now, many fans are articulate about a unequivocally genuine probability that it will be Ambrose towering to a tip of a association instead of Reigns.

Is that what a destiny binds for Ambrose?  Or will Reigns’ contingent lapse move a new categorical eventuality star in above Ambrose?

Fans of any male might be usually as happy with a compromise.  Could we see Reigns and Ambrose as a tighten initial and second tip guys in a company?  Is it probable that Reigns could be The Rock of his generation, with Ambrose holding on a purpose of Stone Cold Steve Austin?  

While it’s unfit to transcribe a success of Austin and Rocky, Ambrose and Reigns might be a closest thing that fans have to that size of talent.  And if that is a case, afterwards Ambrose could be a tip male usually as simply as Reigns.  In fact, there is each probability fans could see both group trade behind and onward for a tip mark in a company.

The same was loyal of Austin and The Rock during a Attitude Era.  The same could occur now, and if it does, afterwards both group win.  

Both Reigns and Ambrose have good opportunities to attain in WWE.  Ambrose is removing prohibited during a right time, and when Reigns returns, it will be one some-more categorical eventuality star combined to a mix.  He could competitively plea Ambrose, something fans would severely appreciate.  

The destiny of WWE is in good hands, and a usually doubt is: Which male will get there first?

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