Projecting What WWE’s ‘Tough Enough’ Reboot Should Look Like

May 1, 2015 - WWE

When WWE Tough Enough returns to a airwaves in June, it will be reshaped.

Expect a existence uncover to acquire some-more change from amicable media, overlie with NXT and underline a horde of new faces in care positions. The reboot arrives after a four-year hiatus, partial of a WWE landscape that has morphed in a show’s absence.

When Tough Enough last aired, WWE‘s developmental complement was not scarcely as neat and fascinating as it is today. Florida Championship Wrestling has given detonate from a chrysalis and widespread a wings as a increasingly renouned NXT

The WWE Network was though a siren dream behind in 2011; today, it’s a heart of a company’s business model. And amicable media is even some-more prevalent in multitude as a whole and as a partial of WWE programming.

All these factors are staid to change what a newest deteriorate of Tough Enough will demeanour like. 


NXT Incorporation

The contests on a fifth deteriorate of Tough Enough visited FCW, though it wasn’t a pivotal component of a show. In 2015, a WWE Performance Center and a NXT appurtenance are a cornerstones of talent development.

Count on that changing Tough Enough.

WWE now has a state-of-the-art trickery for these wanna-be Superstars to train. The Performance Center will certainly be a show’s hub.

In addition, a NXT code helped expostulate adult a WWE Network’s popularity. That will interpret to some-more cross-promotion. Contestants will certainly speak with tip prospects, attend NXT residence shows and have hurdles in front of the Full Sail University audience, for example.

Contestants will expected find themselves behaving promos during NXT residence shows or, in after episodes, holding on an NXT star with the Tough Enough staff watching.


More Star Power, though with Different Stars 

Steve Austin is not returning as a show’s host. As he told fans on his podcast, he incited down doing Tough Enough again due to a scheduling conflict.

That leaves a outrageous blank during a tip of a show. WWE has nonetheless to announce who will take his place, though whoever does so will move a most opposite energy. There is usually one “Stone Cold.”

Top intensity possibilities for a new horde embody Booker T (who played a vital purpose final time around), Dustin Rhodes, Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels. Both Michaels and Foley have utterly a series of other gigs on their plates though would move star energy and glamour to a position.

The conduct tutor mark will be opposite as well. Former NXT conduct male Bill DeMott is no longer with a association after withdrawal in a firestorm of debate progressing this year.

Either WWE will simply let new NXT conduct tutor Jason Albert take over for him or emanate a apart position for the Tough Enough drill sergeant. Here’s anticipating WWE gives Taz a call for a latter option.

In past seasons, Tough Enough was flush with large names entrance in to correlate with a contestants. Big Show, The Rock and Rey Mysterio have all seemed on a show. That trend is certain to continue.

Fans will get to know a group and women opposed for feat on a program, though welcoming behind Chris Jericho, for example, to make a guest coming is a ratings boost watchful to happen. Former contestants Cameron, The Miz and Ryback will certainly uncover adult during some point.


Live, Interactive

The infrastructure of a uncover is set to shift. Executives have betrothed as much.

Chris McCumber announced during the Television Critics Association winter press debate (via, “The show will have a totally new format, with live elements that will truly make this eventuality television.” WWE after added that Tough Enough will embody “more fan appearance than ever before.”

That’s not startling in a least. WWE has left in this instruction with a other shows as well. Few weeks go by but a fans voting on who will conflict who on Raw.

Count on some-more voting during Tough Enough, too. Previously, Austin and his organisation would confirm who was protected and who would leave a show. To make a knowledge some-more fan-centric, there will certainly be some-more contend from a audience.

The horde will expected benefaction a bottom 3 contestants that week, and viewers will get a probability to reject one of them.

Look for Twitter to play a large purpose on tip of that. The show’s participants might be asked to see if they can get a catchphrase trending.

Asking contestants to review disastrous feedback on Twitter is a clever probability as well. Dealing with that side of things is increasingly critical for WWE Superstars. Developing a thick skin when it comes to trolls is another ability a pro wrestler has to learn.  

Overall, gamble on Tough Enough to interpose a bit some-more American Idol into itself. Connecting with a throng is pivotal for wrestlers, and welcoming opinions and votes from amicable media is a approach to incorporate that and also confirm a show’s winner.

At a heart, Tough Enough will be a same. Unknown WWE hopefuls holding behind bumps will be ever-present, as usual.

The show, however, will be dressed in snazzy new clothes.

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