Pros and Cons of Daniel Bryan Signing New Contract with WWE

August 10, 2018 - WWE

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Daniel Bryan is one of a many renouned Superstars on a WWE roster, though he competence turn one of a many renouned stars on a indys if he doesn’t pointer a new contract.

His stream understanding is set to end on Sep 1, and as of this writing, WWE has not reliable or denied anything per his contract. 

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc), government competence be dissapoint with Bryan for boring his feet.

The Miz even brought a theme adult during a new sell on SmackDown. Whether it was his choice or something he was told to do is not clear.

If The Yes Man chooses not to continue with WWE, he will have his collect of any wrestling graduation on a planet. However, it competence be in his best interests to stay with a association for now.

Let’s demeanour during a few pros and cons of Bryan re-signing with WWE.


Pro: More Money

Bryan will fetch a large cost tab on a indy scene, though there is no approach anyone will be means to compare what WWE can offer him.

Even if he isn’t driven only by his bank account, Bryan has a family to take caring of. The some-more income he can make now, a improved he will be means to ready for a future.

Between his downside guarantee, bonuses, sell sales and appearing on dual opposite existence shows, The Leader of a Yes Movement has checks entrance from a lot of places.

Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and many others have shown a universe we can make a good vital outward a proportions of a WWE ring, so it’s not like Bryan would be struggling. He only wouldn’t be removing as abounding as he would be operative for Vince McMahon.


Con: Less Freedom

Bryan is a pro wrestling purist, so he had to make a lot of changes to his in-ring performances when he assimilated a WWE register behind in 2009.

WWE has a specific style. While opposite wrestlers have opposite pierce sets, many matches on Raw and SmackDown tend to be rather formulaic.

On a indy scene, Bryan would have a lot some-more artistic leisure to put together a kinds of matches he wants instead of carrying a writer devise it out for him.

This leisure would also extend to storylines and where he chooses to work. Bryan is a large adequate star to be means to direct certain things like universal contracts.

He could make appearances for Impact Wrestling, New Japan, Ring of Honor and anyone else with adequate income to compensate him during a same time. 


Pro: More Exposure

A few companies other than WWE have radio deals now, though they can’t offer anywhere nearby a turn of bearing WWE can give a Superstar.

Being a member of a WWE register has non-stop many doors for Bryan and his wife, Brie Bella. They have interests outward a ring like Nikki and Brie’s line of wines and their wardrobe company, Birdiebee. 

Being on Raw, SmackDown, Total Divas and Total Bellas is same to giveaway advertising. ROH and New Japan can’t give them a same thing. 

WWE substantially wouldn’t retaliate Brie if Bryan chooses to leave, though she competence not get a same opportunities she does now.


Con: Less Time Off

Working a indys would give Bryan some-more leisure to emanate his possess schedule, distinct WWE where each week is designed out months in advance.

Even if government gives him a lighter schedule, The Yes Man still wouldn’t have as most time to spend with his mother and daughter since he would still be compulsory to transport on a weekly basis.

If he was operative his possess schedule, Bryan would be means to take a few weeks off whenever he felt like he indispensable time to reanimate or he only wanted to spend time with his family.

Unlike WWE’s live programming, other promotions tend to film mixed episodes during once. Impact Wrestling will mostly fasten shows a month in advance, so Bryan would have it most easier if he were to burst ship.


Pro: Better Healthcare

Bryan competence have been privileged to contest inside a ring after dual years of saying opposite specialists, though that doesn’t meant he is invulnerable.

Someone can be excellent after several concussions before one does critical damage. Should anything occur to Bryan during a match, WWE would be improved versed to understanding with it than a smaller promotion.

Superstars have entrance to a best surgeons and rehab specialists in a business interjection to WWE. Given his history, The Yes Man should take this into consideration.

It’s not as if he couldn’t get good medical on his own. It would only be significantly some-more expensive. 



Bryan would be means to write his possess sheet on a indy circuit, though staying with WWE is a best choice he has. 

Other than carrying a bustling report and bosses to answer to, a upsides distant transcend a downsides of re-signing his contract.

The Yes Man seems like a kind of man who would surprise an employer forward of time if he designed on leaving, so maybe watchful so prolonged is a negotiating technique.

Regardless, Bryan should stay with WWE for a consequence of his fans, his family and his health. 


What do we think? Should Bryan pointer a new agreement or should he see what else is out there for him?

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