Ranking a Top 10 Best Post-WrestleMania WWE Raw Moments

April 5, 2015 - WWE

Fans couldn’t pinpoint accurately what it was, though a highway to WrestleMania 29 in early 2013 seemed to be blank something. For one thing, a World Heavyweight Championship compare between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger, while good built, featured dual competitors people could’t have cared reduction about during that time.

The one saving beauty of that compare during Mania was a probability that Dolph Ziggler would money in his Money in a Bank briefcase. Following a 10-minute hitch between Del Rio and Swagger, a usually chairman a throng could hearten for was Ziggler, who eventually didn’t uncover up.

The miss of a cash-in during WrestleMania left a green ambience in a mouths of fans, though small did they know they’d be rewarded in a large approach a subsequent night on Raw.

In standard fashion, Del Rio overcame a contingency by violence Swagger and Zeb Colter in a 2-on-1 Handicap compare though not before injuring his leg. On palm to take advantage was Dolph Ziggler, whose opening song sent a throng into a frenzy.

With a dynamic demeanour on his face, Ziggler marched down to a ring with his briefcase in tow, and though observant a singular word, his intentions were clear: After 9 prolonged months, he was finally cashing in his agreement for a shot during a universe title.

Once a bell rang, Ziggler squandered no time in going right after a harmed leg of a champion. However, Del Rio deserves equal credit for valiantly fighting back.

Reversing Del Rio’s armbreaker into a Zig-Zag of his own, a Izod Center came deranged as a 3 count was done that meant a bleached-blonde Superstar was a new World Heavyweight champion. Ziggler’s hapless damage prevented a issue from being great, though as a moment, it was magnificent.

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