Raw 25 Proved That No, WWE Doesn’t Care About Its Biggest Fans

January 24, 2018 - WWE

Are we ready? Well, are you? (Screenshot/WWE on YouTube)

On Monday night, WWE celebrated a 25th anniversary of a Monday Night Raw flagship radio uncover by bursting a telecast between Barclays Center in Brooklyn and a Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom, that was Raw’s strange home. Based on a singular story of pro wrestling cards from mixed venues, a ubiquitous assumption—WWE supposing no guidance, so this was all we had—was that a uncover would swap segments between a dual New York City buildings. WWE’s sole prior try during such an event, WrestleMania 2, had a label divided into 3 graphic portions, any during their possess locus and beamed to a others around sealed circuit. Rival Jim Crockett Promotions, that debuted a judgment a few months progressing during Starrcade ‘85, simply alternated matches between dual sites.

What else would even make sense? You don’t wish to missile any of a profitable fans, after all, generally given that fans examination Raw 25 at a Manhattan Center were paying reward tickets prices adult to $803 (more on a delegate market) to watch a unchanging giveaway TV event…right?

If you’re informed with WWE, we have substantially figured out by now that those fans were, in fact, shafted. The allure of a some-more nostalgia-tinged half of a uncover during a satellite venue drew in WWE’s many hardcore fans—the ones manifest during ringside during many of WWE’s vast pay-per-views—and they didn’t get most for their hundreds of dollars per ticket. In serve to removing a collectible chair, a Manhattan Center fans received:

  • The possibility to watch vast portions of a Barclays Center uncover on TV.
  • A integrate of brief (about dual mins long), non-televised cruiserweight matches during blurb breaks.
  • A live Undertaker promo so impossibly mysterious that nobody was certain if he was teasing a WrestleMania compare or cementing his retirement.
  • A revisit from The Miz, who rode over from Brooklyn after winning a WWE Intercontinental Championship.
  • A toothless D-Generation X reunion that bookended a Balor Club vs. The Revival match.
  • The meta-experience of examination DX and a Balor Club watch a shutting shred on those in-ballroom TVs before violence adult The Miz.

That was it, and fans in assemblage were chanting variations of “bullshit” and “refund” by a median symbol as a result, nonetheless customarily during a blurb breaks.


The nicest thing that could be pronounced about a Manhattan Center knowledge was that it was tinge deaf. It’s some-more accurate, though, to call a Manhattan Center clusterfuck what it is—the latest phenomenon of WWE’s universal disregard for a fanbase. This is not a new growth by any stretch. This is a same association that customarily had a executives go out in open and express startle that pro wrestling fans suffer pro wrestling. But it also goes most serve than that.

There have been countless indications over a years that WWE doesn’t caring most about a knowledge of a profitable fans, going behind during slightest as distant as a initial WrestleMania. With pay-per-view not nonetheless accessible on a widespread basis, a uncover was promote to 138 venues opposite a United States around satellite as a sealed circuit radio event. Presumably to streamline promotion resources, there would be a apart feed in any time zone, with customarily a easterly seashore removing a uncover live, so all a hype was strong on Sunday, Mar 31st during 1:00 p.m.


In practice, though, a lot of sum were left out. “In some cities where they are customarily regulating one location, they aren’t mentioning a eventuality will be tighten circuited—it’s not like they are lying, customarily misrepresenting a truth,” wrote Dave Meltzer in a Mar 25, 1985 emanate of a Wrestling Observer. “They have during slightest twice announced a three-hour fasten check on a west seashore as live—that’s lying.”

An article in a Dallas Times Herald by Sharon Egiebor after a eventuality corroborated that up. “It was sealed circuit and was not advertised that it was sealed circuit,” pronounced sheet patron Sandra McDonald in a Herald piece. “We knew it was going to be sealed circuit after we bought a tickets. This is a ripoff.” The screening during a Fair Park Coliseum in Dallas had other issues, too: There was customarily one screen, an emanate that Coliseum executive Tom Beene pronounced they listened about from WWE customarily a few days in advance. The venue had been betrothed 4 screens, and a one they got totalled customarily 45 inches diagonally.

“It looks like a projection we would have in your home,” pronounced Truman Bradshaw, a fan who addressed Egiebor as he sought a reinstate early in a event. And that’s not even removing into a satellite delivery issues that disrupted a Dallas screening, glitching a picture and digest a initial half silent. Ed Bark of a Dallas Morning News, meanwhile, reported that, per a Rainbow TicketMaster spokesperson, 400 of a 1,500 attendees sought refunds. He also spoke to WWE’s Elizabeth Milne, who seemed to protest a Coliseum’s Beene by observant that “different places had opposite problems, though it was with their possess equipment.” Beene was also unrelenting that a repair that a technicians on palm were means to infer that a sound disintegrating had zero to do with a Coliseum’s P.A. system.

WrestleMania issues have extended to being live in a track in some-more new years, customarily revolving around a prominence of a ring. At WrestleMania 28 in Miami, there were outrageous pillars, fashioned after palm trees, holding adult a canopy that was over a ring, a run-down pattern component that had a unintended outcome of interference a dilemma of a ring for vast swaths of fans via Sun Life Stadium. Past outside track WrestleManias used a most reduction celebrated structure, though in integrity to WWE, a “trees” weren’t customarily a purposeless decoration. With a Hell in a Cell enclosure compare on a card, a canopy indispensable to be means to support a enclosure and concede it to be lowered over a ringside area.


The subsequent year, however, was different, with no practical need for that grade of support; MetLife track even told sheet buyers, including a organizer of a organisation buy that we participated in myself, that there would be no pillars. Instead, a week of a show, when WWE denounced a New York-themed set, it featured a enormous reproduction of a Statue of Liberty that towered over a ring…which, again, necessitated those foolish pillars. Fans who were peaceful to skip partial of a uncover to wait in line during a patron use window got relocated; others who contacted WWE after a uncover and still had their sheet stubs got comped to an eventuality in their home market. Which sounds inexhaustible adequate until we remember that a internal eventuality wasn’t WrestleMania, a uncover that fans build vacations around.

Last year’s WrestleMania 33, while happily not blocked by pillars, was still injured by untimely staging. Depending on where we sat, the musical lighting on a hulk wrestling ring made canopy rendered a vast screens, a ring, or both impossible to see for vast groups of fans. This resulted in chants of “TURN THE LIGHTS OFF!” and “WE CAN’T SEE!” that were held not customarily by fans in a stadium, though also WWE’s promote microphones. I’m certain WWE offering a make-good of some kind, though again, whenever I’ve listened of such make-goods, they’ve never been tighten to allied to WrestleMania.


Raw isn’t Wrestlemania, though a same element runs via these screw-ups. Inevitably, these hiccups are preventable; and a new ones keep function during super costly end events, like WrestleMania or a Manhattan Center apportionment of Raw 25. The miss of caring that goes into these show-killing elements would be one thing during a pointless residence show, an normal Raw or SmackDown, or even a arrange and record pay-per-view event. At a end event, with tickets going for midst 3 total or more, a few residence uncover tickets customarily aren’t adequate to make adult for an knowledge that feels so most like a ripoff.

David Bixenspan is a freelance author from Brooklyn, NY who co-hosts a Between The Sheets podcast each Monday during BetweenTheSheetsPod.com and everywhere else that podcasts are eavailable. You can follow him on Twitter during @davidbix and perspective his portfolio during Clippings.me/davidbix.

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