Replacing John Cena Does Not Equal Evolution for WWE

December 23, 2014 - WWE

John Cena is a face of WWE, a male during a tip of a company.  For over 10 years now, Cena has been a featured Superstar, a one who Vince McMahon has devoted to lift a round for a premier pro wrestling graduation in a world.

But as WWE fans know, Cena really has his critics.  Citing a company’s refusal to change his impression and a insistence on presenting him as being most bulletproof, many fans have incited on Cena.  However, a expansion of WWE does not distortion with simply replacing a tip star.

It’s a carol that a WWE true has listened for a while.  It all comes down to a fact that Cena does not change; he does not develop with a times notwithstanding what adversity he faces.  Through good times and bad, Cena stays fundamentally a same Superstar he was before he became a face of a company.

His demeanour is a same, his celebrity is a same, and his will to win is a same.  He never backs down, he always fights no matter how most he’s outnumbered, and he never gives up.  And yet he has been roving high during a tip of WWE for over 10 years, he is still presented as a underdog.  

Fans know he will always overcome, though that does not stop WWE from putting his behind opposite a wall during any turn.  It’s as if a association wants fans to buy into a idea that Cena has no chance, though that pierce has all though mislaid a effectiveness.


All of a hatred intended opposite Cena for who he is and how WWE presents him leads to a strenuous enterprise to see him transposed as a tip guy.  Many fans trust that when Cena is out of that spot, a association can finally start to pierce brazen and develop into a future.

But a problem with that clearly elementary speculation is that it’s only too simple.

Believing that replacing Cena will be a heal for what ails WWE is to advise that a association is prepared for success though him.  However, in sequence for that to happen, there contingency be something some-more than only a tip guy.

Cena carries a bucket for a company, and he has for a prolonged time.  He is consistently placed in a best spots and shown in a best light.  He has beaten all of a tip names ever put in front of him and wins some-more than he loses.  While this is approaching of a No. 1 star, a fact is that probably no one else shares any of those bragging rights.

From Randy Orton to CM Punk to Daniel Bryan, any male had unusual runs, and any male contributed severely to a WWE product.  But during a finish of a day, any male was second to Cena.  The fact that all 3 group were really tellurian while Cena was noticed as superhuman did not assistance in a slightest.  There was never any doubt among fans of who a tip male was, and if Cena had unexpected left during any of those eras, a association would have been ill-prepared to pierce ahead.


WWE as a whole contingency be sound from tip to bottom.  There will always be one tip spotthat most is certain.  But there contingency be room nearby that symbol for other talents to arise and be featured as vital players.

As considerable as Cena has been, a fact is that one male can't do it all.  All of WWE‘s resources, all of a artistic storylines, fundamentally start and finish with Cena as a tip star.  The outcome of that work over a past 10 years has been a collection of fan-favorite Superstars who might be reputable for their talents though can't mangle by a self-evident potion ceiling.

Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow and Cesaro are all Superstars who many fans admire, and notwithstanding either they’re heel or face, a fact is that any male has a ability to attain on a high level. But it’s scarcely unfit for some to even prognosticate that function with Cena in that primary position.

There seems to be reduction pity of a resources and some-more of one male winning it all.

Assuming that Roman Reigns is a male who will eventually succeed Cena as WWE‘s tip star, a law is that he will also not be means to do it all.  His ancillary expel contingency be so most some-more than only a ancillary cast.  If WWE continues to do business in a destiny as it has finished with Cena, afterwards it will confront a same problems it faces now with a categorical star who could be only as hated.

The John Cena uncover transitioning to The Roman Reigns uncover might be excellent in a brief term, though it will not be a answer to WWE‘s long-term evolution.

There can't be one almighty participation during a forefront.  The subsequent face of WWE contingency have a tellurian character, one who is able of entrance adult brief and blank a symbol from time to time.  Fans contingency trust that he is clever and really good during what he does, though he can't be totally untouchable.  

And WWE contingency support him with other tip stars inside of a product that does not live and breathe directly by a impression of only one man.  

WWE‘s indication for doing business can no longer revolve around only one or even dual Superstars. Simply replacing Cena is not a answer, and a association contingency comprehend that before relocating on with a subsequent man.

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